Title Author Crossovers Synopsis
Gone Fishin' James Thomas


Akane comes home to find a tragic note from Ranma. She runs all over Nerima trying to find her fiancée.
What Ranma Needs James Thomas


Want to know what Ranma really needs? Just read this very short fic.
The Locket James Thomas


Ranma and Akane had another fight, but a little trincket Ranma finds in his pack changes their lives.
Planning Ahead James Thomas


Ranma leaves for a training trip and leaves behind a strange plague in his wake. Slight limeiny scent.
Vegeta Vs. Ranma Dancing Imp

Dragonball Z

The first 'Bad Fusion'. Vegeta versus Ranma. Are there any doubts about the outcome?
Size or Technique? Dancing Imp

Oh My Goddess

The age old debate: Which is more important; Size or Technique?
Full Circle James Thomas

Sailor Moon

Just filling a hole...
Blind Obedience Dancing Imp

Inu Yasha

Akane gets a little help from another one of Takahashi's creations.
The Voice of Reason James Thomas


Everything in the Ranma universe is attempted to be fixed by the Voice of Reason.
When In Rome Dancing Imp

Monty Python
and The Holy Grail

When in a strange place, always observe the local customs...
Dark Arts Indeed Dancing Imp

and Harry Potter

No synopsis necessary at all...
O!MG!O!MD!O!MR! Dancing Imp

and Oh! My Goddess

Oh! My Goddess! Oh! My Demon! Oh! My Ranma!
Ranma Dies Many Deaths Dancing Imp

and many others

Ranma dies many deaths... a parody.
Drunken Encounters of the Third Kind James Thomas

Sailor Moon, and Highlander 2

Words cannot explain... the pain...
Bad Fusion #2:  Pika-Blast! James Thomas


The second Bad Fusion: Pickachu vs Megatron.
Burning Shinji James Thomas

Neon Genesis Evangelion and various others.

Shinji fate is discussed by the powers that be...
Heredity Is Everything James Thomas

Trigun/Tenchi Muyo

Vash the Stampede gets to meet his mother and finds they have something in common.
Awkward Circumstances James Thomas


Ranma is always finding himself in these situations...or not.