Size or Technique?



            A girl’s voice could be heard easily, even outside of the building. Although the voice could be called cute under normal conditions, there was a lot of anger currently tainting it as it argued with another female voice. “It’s the size that matters! Direct, brute force, pounding away, is much more satisfying and effective than worrying about style!”


            The other girl’s voice, also normally considered cute, yelled back. “Look, I’ve got a lot more experience than you do, and I tell you that technique is better! You get more satisfaction out of quality!”


            Several parents grabbed their children’s heads and covered their ears as the argument continued, finally coming to a climax.


            “Oh yeah?”




            “Okay! Fine! You and me! Right here, right now!”


            “You think you can handle me? Dream on, kid!”


            “Put up or shut up you old hag!”


            “OLD HAG?! You’re on!”


            Inside of the arcade, two young ladies were glaring lightning at each other. One of them, with short, black hair and cute features, suddenly pulled out an enormous wooden mallet. The other girl, with long black hair and strange markings on her forehead and cheeks, whipped out a thinner, more hammer-like weapon. With a nod, they turned towards a pair of whack-a-mole games.


            Two young men looked at the machines. The moles bore an uncanny resemblance to both of them. One of the young men, with black hair done up in a pigtail, turned to look at the shorter man next to him as they both began to back away. “Man, was bringin’ Akane here the worst idea I ever had, or what?” He commented as a huge sweatdrop formed on the back of his head.


            The other guy let out a tired sigh. “Well, at least Skuld is hitting those moles and not me.”


            The two men sat down at a table together as they watched the two ladies swing away violently at the games. “Man, if I ever find out who invented hammers, I’m gonna let them have a piece of my mind.”


            “Or better yet, make him face those girls.”


            “Yeah… So, you dating whasername? Skuld?”


            The short man shook his head violently. “Kami-sama forbid! Nah, she’s one of my fiancé’s sisters. What about Akane?”


            The pigtailed man shrugged. “She’s my fiancé.”




            “Yeah, I hear ya.”


            The two youths cried out in unison. “What did we do to deserve this!”