What Ranma Needs

By:  James Thomas


Disclaimer:  The usual stuff.


            Ranma and Akane sat on their couch in each other’s arms and sat watching the movie on the television.  The only light in the room was the TV.  From time to time, they each turned to each other with a loving glance and sometimes a kiss.


            Ranma looked Akane in the eyes and watched them dance with the light from the television.  “Y’know, life’s been a lot easier lately.”


            Akane looked back into his sparkling blue eyes.  “You’re right.  I’m glad Nabiki thought of it.”


            “It’s funny how it started out as just a joke…”




            Outside, just inside the gates of the Tendo dojo, a dark figure stepped through the gates.  He was about to announce his presence to the owners of the dojo when he was cut short by another voice.


            “Excuse me, do you have an appointment?”


            He turned and saw an old lady sitting at a desk with a personal computer.  “What?”


            “Do you have an appointment?”


            The figure scratched his head.  “Uh, no.”


            The old woman sighed.  “Okay.  Are you fiancée, admirer, rival, dark force of evil, or just a wandering martial artist?”


            The figure started to get confused.  “Uh…dark force of evil.”


            “Is there any issues of family honor, art plagiarism, or marriage?”


            Now it was really confused.  “Not really.  I just want to kill the occupants.”


            “Okay, that will do.  I have an opening next Thursday at nine in the morning.  Will that suffice?”


            “Opening for what?”


            The woman looked at him with an annoyed glance.  “Your fight of course.  With Ranma these things have to be planned in advance to keep from overlap.”


            The figure’s jaw hit the ground.  “I guess that’s all right.”


            The old woman smiled.  “All right, off you go then.  Ranma will fight you next Thursday at nine in the morning.  Don’t be late, or you’ll forfeit your opening and won’t be able to schedule another one.”


            The figure left with a terribly confused look on his face.  As he left the nameplate on the woman’s desk became visible:  ‘Saotome Ranma’s Personal Secretary’.