Blind Obedience




            Ranma worked his way through a simple kata trying to get his mind off of his latest fight with Akane. He sighed softly to himself. ‘I don’t like getting glomped by that Amazon, but I just can’t seem to dodge her. And then Akane starts yellin’ at me, so I yell at her, and nothin’ changes.’


            He glowered as he stopped the kata and moved to leave the dojo. He was surprised to see Akane standing in the doorway. “Hey, Akane. What’s up? Yer not still mad, are ya?”


            Akane smiled sweetly at him. “I was, but I found this nice lady near an old well that helped me out. She was really nice to talk to.”


            Ranma smiled. “That’s great. So, whadja talk about?”


            “Oh, just about relationships and girl stuff.”


            Ranma shuddered and was glad he hadn’t been present. He was startled when Akane suddenly handed him a strange looking necklace.


            “She told me she used to have problems like we do, so she wanted to give me this memento, and I want you to wear it.”


            Ranma eyed the necklace suspiciously. ‘Well, I suppose there’s no harm in a crummy old necklace. And it’ll make Akane happy, which will get her off my back about stuff I can’t control.’ He put it around his neck and watched Akane’s smile brighten.


            “Thanks Ranma!”






            Ranma knew he wouldn’t have time to dodge. He never did. He would either get the bicycle or the Amazon, and either one would end up causing him pain. He could already see Akane’s face turning into a growl. As her mouth opened, he figured her next words were going to be, “Ranma, you jerk!”


            What he didn’t expect was for Akane to yell, “SIT!”


            What he really didn’t expect was for the necklace to glow purple for an instant and then Ranma found his rear firmly planted on the ground. He watched in complete surprise as Shampoo’s bike passed just overhead and the purple-haired Amazon collided with a telephone pole.


            “What the?” Ranma asked in confusion.


            Akane smirked. “That nice lady, Kagome, she told me that she had the same problem with her boyfriend that I have with you, so she gave me that collar to help keep you in line. Since it worked for her, it should work for me.”


            Akane was a very happy girl for quite some time.