Bad Fusion #2:


By: James Thomas


It’s time again for another edition of bad fusion, where incompatibility meets reason (and we’re going to have a little fun with it this time).


             The crowd in the Pokemon arena was tense and noisy as the two competitors faced one another.  Ash was sweating as he picked through his collection of Pokeballs, looking for the perfect one for this match.  He looked to his side to see his faithful Pikachu waiting at his side.  He nodded his head and looked up toward his opponent.


             The man simply known as ‘The Commander’ stood confidently without the slightest hint of trepidation.  He calmly put his hand in his coat pocket and waited for the referee to start the match.


             At last the crowd quieted down as the seconds toward start time ticked away.  At last the ref shouted, “Begin!”


             Ash smiled and pointed forward.  “Pikachu I chose you!”


             The yellow Pokemon at his side jumped forward.  “Pi-ka-…”  He shouted his name as he charged his lightening bolt.


             The man across the arena pulled his hand out of his pocket with what looked like a Ruger semi-automatic pistol.  “Megatron, I chossssse you!”




             “Wow, those things were yellow on the inside as well!”  The announcer commented.


Author’s note:  Yes, once again another spamfic brought to you by my shower.  And for those of you wondering why Cobra Commander was in it…how many of you remember the ‘synthoids’ episode of Transformers?  As to why I chose to pick on such a cutsy media idol to inflict violence upon?  I just get these urges sometimes…