Vegeta vs. Ranma



            Ranma had felt on edge all morning. He kept expecting to be attacked by one of his rivals or fiancés. Nothing had happened yet, which only made him more nervous. He suddenly sensed a powerful aura. He tried to identify it, but it was too far away. He felt it growing stronger as it came closer. Every second felt the power level of the aura jump as it came closer and closer.


            Ranma grinned as he felt his worries vanish. This was what he had sensed all morning, he was sure of it. The only thing that didn’t make sense was why his life was flashing before his eyes. The grin on his face died a burning, agonizing death as a wide beam of super-powered energy blasted through Nerima. Half of the town vanished in a brilliant flash as the beam kept going, the curve of the Earth’s surface eventually letting it enter space.


            Ranma’s incredible resilience let him survive just long enough to hear a powerful voice cry out, “FINAL FLASH!”




Author’s Note:

For those of you that ‘don’t get it’… well, there’s not much to get. The primary reason I wrote this was to create spam. (sigh) Yes, pathetic… I know. The secondary reason was to simply comment on the fact that DBZ is so overpowered in comparison to most other Anime series that it’s difficult to cross over well. Dragonball (the original) might work with Ranma… but even in Dragonball, Roshi blows up the moon. Uh, Ranma was only able to drop a mountain, and that was WITH Saffron’s help.


If you need to have the scene explained, uhm… watch carefully when Vegeta launches his attack at Cell. It actually carved a nice line across the Earth’s surface for a bit before heading out into space… I believe the name of the attack was ‘Final Flash’.