Heredity Is Everything

By: James Thomas


Disclaimer:  Trigun and other anime products are not my creations.  So don’t say I ever said they were.


            Striding across the barren wastes of their home planet, Meryl Stryfe and Millie Thompson watched as their long-time traveling companion strode eagerly across the sands as they rode their Thomas’ behind him.


            Millie, the tall woman with long brown hair, turned to her fellow insurance agent.  “Isn’t it exciting, sempai!  Mr. Vash is actually going to meet his mother!  He must be really excited!  Look how he’s walking!  I haven’t seen him this happy for a long time!”


            Meryl, the shorter woman with the black hair cropped short, nodded as she watched the man she cared for walk across the sands, high-stepping and swinging his arms to comical heights.  “He certainly is happy, but I still think there is something fishy here.  How can we be sure that this has any legitimacy to it?”


            The tall blonde man turned to face the women.  “The message had my correct birth date on it according to what Knives told me.  How could anyone, but us know that besides our mother, or creator?”  Vash the Stampede, the legendary outlaw, responded.


            “This could be another plot of his to escape prison, you know.”  Meryl stated.


            Vash shrugged.  “How could he escape way out here?  He’s safely locked away in the prison designed by that nice engineer lady.”


            Meryl felt a wave a jealously wash over her, but it quickly passed.  “But still, why would your mother just all of the sudden send a telegram to meet her in the middle of the desert?  And why would she send a telegram?”


            “Maybe she just wanted to be formal about our reunion.  I bet she’s real nice.”  His face had a faraway look on it.


            Millie pulled up beside her partner again.  “But what happens if this is a trap?”


            “I’ve still got my guns.”  Meryl patted her duster.  “Do you still have yours?”


            The tall brunette nodded.  “Yup, new strap and all, sempai.”


            “I’m telling you there’s nothing to worry about.”  The spiky haired blonde man strode on.


            Meryl glared at him.  She always hated it when he was stupidly optimistic in the face of danger.  The thing that angered her most was that he was almost always right.  “How can you be sure of that?”


            “I just have this feeling.”


            They all traveled along until they had reached the designated coordinates.  They looked around, but didn’t see anyone or any vehicles approaching on the horizon. 


Meryl looked around and studied the land again.  “So where is she?”


“Maybe she got caught in traffic, sempai.”  Millie suggested.


The shorter insurance agent sweatdropped.  “There is no traffic, how can she be stuck?”


“Well she could be…”  Vash tried to come to the defense of Millie, but it only earned him a glare that would have killed a lesser man.


Meryl rolled her eyes and dismounted her beast.  “Of course I’m wondering what kind of woman could be your mother, if she exists.  What kind of person sends their child away?”


“I’m wondering if trouble follows her like it does her son.”  Millie added.


“I’m sure she’s the best mom in the universe and that she’s been searching all over the place for me.”  Vash smiled his goofy grin.


About that time the sky darkened as an enormous shape fell through the clouds.  The three people shielded their eyes as a massive wind kicked up and blew sand through the air.  The shape passed the sun and turned into a gigantic red space cruiser.  The ship came down to hover about twenty feet over the ground, and then dove nose first into the ground.


Vash’s eyes went wide as he ran as fast as his feet could carry him to the ship, with the two insurance girls following close.  He stopped a few feet from the ship and cupped his hands over his face.  “Hey!  Is everyone okay?”  He yelled out.


The hatch on the side of the ship opened up.  From deep inside the ship, a tiny voice was heard.  “Owie.”


The two insurance girls looked at each other with confused faces.  Vash just jumped to the end of the hatch door.  “Hello?  Is that you mother?  Are you all right?”


“VASH!”  A yellow blur shot out of the ship and tackled the humanoid typhoon.  When the dust cleared, a small blonde haired well-tanned woman wearing a blue uniform with a white fluffy tail hugged Vash.  “Vash, I missed you so much!”


Meryl stamped up to the woman that looked like she was trying to squeeze the life out of Vash the Stampede.  “Excuse me, but who are you?”


The woman stood up and saluted.  “Mihoshi of the Galaxy Police.”  She turned back to Vash.  “And look how much you’ve grown.”  She reached up and patted his spiky hair.  His only reaction was to grin stupidly.


The shorter insurance agent shook her head.  “So we’re supposed to believe that you are his mother.  I thought Vash was a child of the seed plants.”


Mihoshi put a finger next to her mouth.  “Well, Washu was making the plants a long time ago and she was trying to replicate herself in them, but I accidentally knocked something over in her lab and it took my DNA instead.  There was a big explosion and the boys were born!”


Meryl facefaulted.  “I can see that leaving a trail of disaster is hereditary.”


“Yup!”  Mishoshi hugged Vash again.


Millie looked at the mother and child.  “Imagine that, the legendary outlaw’s mother is a police officer.”