STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Sailormoon and all of it's characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi. All original characters in this series belong to me.

It all begins one seemingly normal day for Usagi and the others, but little do they know that a new student, a young man named Ohara Debe will lead to the revelation of the Sailor Senshi's complete past, and what lies waiting for them in the future.

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Intro Theme

Part 1: The Melody of Awakening, Enter the Mysterious Young Man

The war with the Death Phantom is finally over, yet Sailor Moon and the rest fail to realize that one of their old enemies still holds a 1000 year-old grudge against them. Is this Ohara Debe part of them?

Part 2: To Test Their Affection: The Trials of Ami and Debe

The 1000 year-old bond is severed in a matter of seconds as a tragic accident causes Ami to throw Debe out of her life. With the return of the original leader of the Dark Kingdom, any one of the Senshi is now open for attack.

Part 3: The Dark Kingdom Has Returned! Guardian Jupiter Joins the Battle

While the girls are looking forward to an upcoming school event, Debe is scrambling to find out information on who the real enemy is and what his motive is. Luckily for everyone, his witnessing a battle opens Guardian Jupiter's eyes.

Part 4: Venus's Brightness Shines Anew. Kariudo the Lancer Appears!

After Minako is abducted and seemingly taken off of the face of the earth, the Sailor Senshi and two Guardians scramble all over Tokyo in search of her. Little do they know that when they find her, she won't be Minako any more...

Part 5: The Youma Army Has Assembled! Will Three Guardians Be Enough?

Three months have passed since Debe first appeared at Juuban Jr. High and the three Guardians have trained heavily since their awakening. Though now they must face their greatest challenge ever: going Christmas shopping with the girls.