Author's Notes

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     -Not really much to say about the prologue. Just explaining what's been going on during the year after Choices.

     -I couldn't find a good spot for Ryoga in this story, so he'll be sitting out for most of it.

     -Thought I should mention that while most of this story is based on events happening in the anime, the battle between Ranma and Saffron (which is only in the manga) still happened. Other things, like the failed wedding attempt between Ranma and Akane, and Nodoka's finding out about Ranma's curse in the manga (she found out a different way in Choices), did not happen.

Part 1

     -Just like in Choices, each part will have a separate cameo, either from an anime or from real-life.

     -Even though this is a serious fanfic, I definitely have to include the occasional Ranma 1/2 humor.

     -When Kohei mutters, "They never mentioned anything about Akane-san being involved," he's talking about the Phoenix people.

     -Every part will have at least one character's reflections on the past so we know what happens to everyone.

     -Remember that midair combat is a Saotome school specialty.

     -If you don't know my writing style when it comes to special attacks. One line separating two attacks means they are used in that order. But if there is no blank line between them, they are used at the same time.

     -To follow the traditional Amazon names in the series, Kohei's mother's name in anything but Chinese is Gel.

     -In case it wasn't explained obvously enough in Kohei's flashback, he knows the Amaguriken and Bakusai Tenketsu because he's half-Amazon and his mother taught them to him.

     -Why does Hashin have a Japanese name and speak Chinese? That will be explained in Part 4.

Part 2

     -Originally I was going to have Kohei wait to give Ranma the Nannichuan water, but changing that allowed the extra scene with Ryoga.

     -I got nothing against the cameo for this chapter, Jackie Chan. That was inspired by both a friend and another fic where Ryoga wandered onto Jackie's set numerous times during filming and wasn't officially cast.

     -I strongly feel that Soun and Genma not only didn't care about Ranma and Akane's feelings about the engagement, but I also think that they became so obsessed with it that they forgot their reason for engaging them.

     -If you haven't noticed it yet, the one whose picture I recolored to look like Kohei is Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi. The two of them could be twins.

     -In Japan, wives often call their husbands "Anata," which is really just "you."

     -Remember from Choices that Ukyo insisted Nodoka call her Ucchan if she called her Auntie Nodoka.

     -The Hiryu Korin Dan is the move that Ranma used to beat Herb. He leaps into the whirlwind and comes back down with a punch containing the wind's power.

Part 3

     -I based Shampoo's original hair length on official manga artworks by Takahashi-sama. In those, Shampoo's hair is much longer.

     -The Kiss of Death only being allowed to be exchanged by members of the same sex is my interpretation of Amazon law (think of when Shampoo first kisses Ranma when he beats her as a male).

     -Don't forget that before Ranma developed the Mouko Takabisha, he was trying to copy Ryoga and master the Shishi Hokodan (which the Mouko Takabisha is the reverse of).

     -Shampoo's father appears in the manga and even in one of the video games (for PC-Engine, I think).

     -Remember that this fanfic is a sequel to my other Ranma 1/2 fanfic, Choices. So read it if you haven't to understand everything that happens here.

     -Ranma and Shampoo's reminiscings come from various Anime episodes.

     -As mentioned in the prologue, Ukyo started living like a girl again. And since she hadn't known about the hot springs, she didn't have her swimsuit to wear under her towel. So she just wore her underpants.

     -Before you begin flaming me or thinking of any hentai thoughts about the part between Kohei and Miki in the hot springs, remember the cirumstances in which they were raised.

     -If you haven't noticed this yet, but I use the words "ki" and "chi" based on whose point of view it is in the scene. They both mean the same thing, but are the Japanese and Chinese words, respectively.

     -Chun Li is my 2nd favorite character from Street Fighter, I couldn't resist making her the cameo because of her lightning kicks.

Part 4

     -That was definitely the best way to bring Ryoga back into the story for a little bit.

     -Kohei knows Kuno's name (how could he not?), but feels that he's so without honor that he doesn't deserve to be called by name, so he refers to him as "the conceited swordsman."

     -How would Kohei know how to replace a dislocated shoulder? Simple, he's had plenty of practice throughout his life treating his and others injuries during training.

     -Yes, I looked it up. Amatsu Mikaboshi is, in Japanese mythology, the god of evil.

     -Whenever Aremi refers to herself, Miki, and Kohei as a whole, she'll use the average of their three ages (which is hers). So when she was saying, "When we were 12," she had been 12, Miki 10, and Kohei 14.

     -Ranma hoping that the explosion when Hashin died wouldn't eventually blind him is a reference to another fic where Saffron's attack does blind him.

     -The colors of Ukyo's dresses are a tribute to the very enjoyable fanfic series, Mamono Hunter Ukyou.

     -Yes, Shampoo had underwear on beneath her clothes when she found Mousse. So don't be getting any hentai thoughts, you perverts!

     -Even though it's not specifically mentioned in the story, Kohei is a year younger than the rest of the main Ranma 1/2 crew, including Akane.

     -In Part 1, during Kohei's flashback, he said that Shinji was nearly starved while on his training journey. How could he have been so exhausted when arriving at Nyuchiezu when the two villages were so close to each other? Simple, he was on his was back home, not just leaving.

     -I spent days preparing Kohei's argument before the village council and, based entirely on my interpretation of Amazon law (if it's correct), Shampoo was never engaged to Ranma.

     -Kohei's grandfather took Aremi in as his granddaughter, but never formally adopted her (for the reason that he thought she would be Kohei's future bride). Nonetheless, Aremi formally adopted him.

     -To find out Aremi's real name, visit the Kohei/Miki/Aremi shrine at my website.

     -Cameo: Son Goku from the Dragonball series. He'd messed up with his teleportation, folded time and space, and ended up in Ryuchiezu for a few days before he figured out how to correct it and return to his earth.

     -If you think about it, by the time everyone's married, everyone will be related to each other. Ranma was already Akane's brother-in-law, Ukyo becomes her sister-in-law, Kohei becomes her husband, bringing Miki in as another sister-in-law, Shampoo and Mousse as cousins-in-law, and Aremi as a distant cousin-in-law whose roots go much farther back.


     -No, Takahashi-sama did not start her career that way. She'd already written two of her megahit series, Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku, before she developed Ranma 1/2.

     -Miki and Aremi getting into Tokyo U was just so I could sneak Keitaro and Naru (from Love Hina) in as cameos.

     -The gist of this epilogue is that everyone gets what I feel they deserve.

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