Title Author Crossovers Synopsis
Final Fantasy Heritage
Posted 6-14-02
Dancing Imp

Final Fantasy 5-8

An evil organization, hidden in the shadows for decades, seeks the incredible power of another world. What effect will this have on the lives of the Saotomes and the Tendos, much less the entire world?
Forsaken Realms
Posted 6-16-02
Dancing Imp


All was well and good on the world of Coreall. Then a group of mortals ascended to godhood and the current gods ran for the hills. Now a mortal has been given a most holy quest: To find out the truth behind the new ascension. That mortal? Ranko Masaki. The new gods? Oh, like THAT'S hard to figure out...
Ripples of the Past
Posted 6-15-02
Dancing Imp


A single choice made by a child can have far reaching consequences, but the question is: Was it for better or for worse?
Sad Times, Happy Endings
Posted 4-29-03
James Thomas

Sailor Moon

Hotaru finds herself awakening in the midst of the Nerima district in time to witness a battle between a young redhead and a giant panda.  She finds herself pulled into another story of magic and tragedy.