One Shots

Title Author Crossovers Synopsis
Balance of the Valley James Thomas


A one-shot of what would have happened if Akane had not lived through Jusendo.
Establishing the Bond Dyne


Taking place between right after Episode 23 of 3rd Season, Ranma returns to the Ucchan to take care of some unfinished business that he had proposed to Ukyo at the beginning of the episode.
More Than One... Dyne


After Ranma has the same nightmare for three straight days he decides it's time to find the full truth behind his "choosing" okonomiyaki over Ukyo.
Ranma 17 James Thomas

Dragonball Z

Android 18 is enjoying a day on the beach after the Majin Buu battle is over and the world is as it should be. At least she was enjoying it until android 17 lands on the beach...
Honor or LIfe? James Thomas


Shampoo has run out of time and must decide what to do about Ranma. Ranma must decide himself whether he will choose honor or life.
Saffron Saotome James Thomas

Sailor Moon

Sequel to Balance of the Valley. What happens when Saffron grows up with Ranma as a father.