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11-07-06: DBR IS DONE!!! That's right the last chapter is out after years in the making! There will be an epilogue...sometime.
New Fics: Dragonball R Chapter Nineteen Posted.

07-05-06: Oh where does the time go? Okay, check your pace makers for batteries folks...we have updates! That's right we actually have new content. I will grant you it isn't the updates we promised, but it's something, right?
New Fics: Heredity Is Everything Posted.
Honor or Life? Posted.

04-04-06: Okay, so it's been almost a year. I apologize for the lateness of the final chapter of DBR, but I am working on it! I know I promised it by the end of March, but hey, life happens. Just thought I'd let everyone know that we will not go quietly into the night! We are not dead. Thanks.

05-31-05: Only one more to go! The penultimate chapter of DBR is up!
New Fics: Dragonball R Chapter Eighteen Posted.

02-28-05: I beat the next century! The next chapter of DBR is up!
New Fics: Dragonball R Chapter Seventeen Posted.

01-18-05: A big round of applause for the latest member of the Fubar Inc team, Kuno-Baby. Check out his fic!
New Fics: Make Me Feel... Chapters One through Five Posted.

01-17-05: An update? HOLY CRAP!!! Yup, you guessed it, I found some extra time lying around in Seattle that I obviously couldn't find in Tulsa. Anyway, enjoy the new chapter. I'll try not to wait half a year for the next one.
New Fics: Dragonball R Chapter Sixteen Posted.

09-16-04: New stuff from Dyne!  Dance in the street!
New Fics: Tales of Two Amazons A Post Results Fic
                 Sailor Moon G Chapter Four posted.

08-22-04: Due to the overwhelming response to Ranma 17, the story will continue as a series of short stories. Thanks to all the people that sent emails.

08-14-04: Okay, so we slacked off again...  We really aren't dead.  Here's a little something I whipped out for a short fic.  If you guys like it, I'll write sequels.
New Fics: Ranma 17

06-26-04: Twice in one month?  I bet you can't believe it.  Not only that, but it's even new Dragonball R!
New Fics: Dragonball R Chapter Fifteen Posted.

06-17-04: What is this? AN UPDATE!  HOLY BALLS!  Dyne's here with a finished fic and fours shorts for you.  But be aware, NEW DBR IS COMING!!!
New Fics: Results Completed.
                 More Than One... Posted.
                 The Greatest Challenge Posted.
                 Pure Stupidity Defined Posted.
                 Green-eyed Wardrobe Posted.

03-11-04: D.I. here. I'm *real* sorry about how long this took. I'd just open up Word, load up the fic, and stare for hours. Finally, I came up with this release. It only took, what? A year? Not quite. Honestly, I'm going to do everything in my power to avoid letting that happen ever again.
New Fics: Chaos Accelerando Chapter Seven Posted.

02-19-04: Hey folks, D.I. here. Yeah, I know, you thought I was dead. Well, rest assured, I smell that way too. Speaking of which, James is currently in France, hence the lack of updates of late. Never fear, however, our glorious Lord and Master shall return forthwith... in about six weeks. Yeesh... yes, we all must suffer from his prolongued absence. Anyways, I'll have an update to Chaos Accelerando up and running sooner or later, and a posting from Dyne. Rejoiceth.

01-08-04: Holy Fanfic Batman!  New Dragonball R is posted!!!
New Fics: Dragonball R: No Need for a Saga Chapter Fourteen posted.

01-04-04: Well, it's nothing new, but it certainly is improved!  Now with at least 50% less errors!
Re-release: Spinal Injection All

12-26-03: Something New!
New Fics: Results Chapter Two Posted.

12-03-03: No we are not dead.  Just thought we'd let you know.  New stuff is in progress, so please be patient!  Thanks!

10-12-03: Okay, so updates have been slow, but we're trying!  Here's some new stuff for you to cut your teeth on.
New Fics: Results Chapter One Posted.
                 Burning Shinji Spammed.

09-03-03: Wow, more DBR!
New Fics: Dragonball R: No Need For A Saga Chapter Thirteen posted.

09-01-03: Changed up the format a bit. Got rid of the java applets for all you whiners out there, but now you have to live with frames. Anyways...New fics by Dyne up. Enjoy!
New Fics: Establishing the Bond One Shot posted
                 Sailor Moon G Chapters One, Two, and Three posted
                 Results Prologue posted

08-03-03: Finally! New DBR!
New Fics: Dragonball R: No Need For A Saga Chapter Twelve posted.

07-29-03: Something else new for the month of July! Welcome the latest member of Fubar Inc, Dyne.
New Fics: Choices Posted

07-18-03:  There is a new home for fanfiction!  No, it's not a new website.  It's the new house James just purchased!  Anyway, you get something a little less exciting (to James anyway), a one-shot from his mind (it's really too long to be called spam, but we're filing it there anyway).
New Fics:  Balance of the Valley Posted.

06-26-03: Update! Chapter 5 of Chaos Accelerando is up! Finally, those still dangling on the cliff can drop to the next ledge. 8) Also, got some fan art!
New Fics: Chaos Accelerando Chapter 5 Posted.
New Art: It Runs In The Family by Dyne

06-25-03: It is finished! The epilogue is done for Spinal Injection. With that, we cue the music...
New Fics: Spinal Injection Epilogue Posted.

06-20-03: Something to kick off your summer weekend! The as promised final chapter of Spinal Injection is on tap!
New Fics: Spinal Injection Chapter Fourteen Posted.

06-15-03: Okay, we're still alive...we've just been playing too much Dynasty Warriors. New Chaos Accelerando and the final chapter of Spinal injection is on the way, we promise! Will they be worth the wait? God, we hope so. Anyway, we're still alive, kicking, and writing.

05-14-03: Wow, it's been a while since a real chapter has come out, but never fear! Spinal Injection is here!
New Fics: Spinal Injection Chapter Thirteen Posted

04-30-03: Added a Prologues section to the website and added new story to it.
New Fics: Sad Times, Happy Endings

04-24-03: Established Mirror Site members.provalue.net/heed452/fanfic/.

04-07-03: More spam...No Vikings.
New Fics: Bad Fusion #2: Pika-Blast!

04-02-03: As a side note, I don't do beer. That's James' territory. Anyways, Chaos Accelerando chapter four is up, so rejoice. Also, we've got a little Spamfic from James that will hopefully catch a certain person's attention.
New Fics:Chaos Accelerando Chapter 4 posted
                 Drunken Encounters of the Third Kind

03-21-03: Again, don't expect this pace to keep up...our beer is running low...
New Fics: Spinal Injection Chapter 12 posted

03-19-03: Do NOT expect this pace to keep up, but we've got another chapter of Chaos Accelerando out.
New Fics: Chaos Accelerando Chapter 3 posted

03-17-03: Happy St Patty's Day! But even amidst all the celebration (beer drinking) writing still got done! (maybe it got done because of the beer drinking...) Anyway, new SI for you. Also, there's a lovely new Chaos Accelerando chapter. Rejoice that it didn't take three months for this one. 8)
New Fics: Spinal Injection Chapter 11 posted
                 Chaos Accelerando Chapter 02 posted

03-15-03: A minor scene in Chaos Accelerando Chapter 1 was rewritten after a few readers pointed out an inconsistancy. And for those who are interested, I've already got four pages in on the next chapter. Yay!

03-14-03: Holy cow! An update on Chaos Accelerando? Will wonders never cease?!
New Fics: Chaos Accelerando Chapter 1 posted

02-20-03: Another update! Wow, you'd think we found some spare time somewhere...
New Fics: To Challenge a Spider Chapter 2 posted

02-19-03: After a long and hard battle against attention deficiency, a new chapter of Dragonball R!
New Fics: Dragonball R: No Need for a Saga Chapter 11 posted.

There is also some other big news! The main site updated! That's right, a new artist has been found and www.fubarinc.com will be updating regularly! (Granted it IS a weekly basis, but, hey, that's regular!)

02-02-03: For your Groundhog's Day delight, more Spinal Injection!
New Fics: Spinal Injection Chapter 10 posted

01-23-03: Spamamania. More Spam!
New Fics: Ranma Dies Many Deaths posted

01-09-03: Weirdness for my birthday I guess. I have NO idea why Chaos Accelerando suddenly vanished. The news posting and both index listings. Whu-eird. Anyways, here it is again. (Dancing Imp walks off singing 'Happy Birthday to Me'.
New Fics: Chaos Accelerando posted

01-08-03: More Spam to fill your bellies! You know, that Spam commercial they've been running recently scares the daylights out of me.
New Fics: Oh! My Goddess! Oh! My Demon! Oh! My Ranma! posted

01-07-03: Well, here's a bit of spam for the hungry reader in you. Written in about an hour, this will probably give you indigestion.
New Fics: Dark Arts Indeed posted

01-02-03: Happy New Year's! (if late), but as easy as 1-2-3, we have new AMU!
New Fics: All Mixed Up VR Chapter 13 posted
                 All Mixed Up AG Chapter 13 posted

12-27-02: Late Christmas present to all our loyal readers! Check 'em out!
New Fics: Spinal Injection Chapter Nine posted.
                 To Challenge A Spider Chapter One posted.

12-18-02: Dragonball R: No Need for a Saga updated! Enjoy!
New Fics: Dragonball R: No Need for a Saga Chapter Ten posted.

12-15-02: Two new authors join the corporate elite of Fubar Inc. Please welcome DanDemenented and Vince Stevens with two great additions to the complement of fics on the Fub-fic site.
New Fics: Cell 1/2 Chapter One posted.
                 To Challenge A Spider Prologue posted

12-12-02: Finally! An update from Dancing Imp! Here's the 'between seasons' fic, Chaos Crescendo: Ad Libitum!
Which I refuse to take responsibility for.
New Fics: Ad Libitum

11-27-02: Even more Spinal Injection to enjoy! And enjoy your Thanksgiving from all of us at Fubar INC...just don't expect us to send a turkey...
New Fics: Spinal Injection Chapter Eight posted!

11-07-02: Rejoiceth more Spinal Injection on tap!
New FIcs: Spinal Injection Chapter Seven posted!

11-04-02: After some deep thought and a well-written critique from a reader, I have begun to wonder whether BBHT has strayed too far from its original concept. The answer to this, I feel, is 'Yes'. As such, BBHT is going to be taken down for a while and will go through a *massive* rewrite. It is *not* dead, but it does need a heck of a lot of surgery before I'll let it see the light of day again. Anyways, when it's ready, I'll go ahead and repost both versions and put it to a reader vote as to which lives and which parts this realm of existence in a fiery blaze.
Fic Temporarily Canned: The Bat, The Bird, The Horse, and the Tomboy

11-02-02: Flarg, has it been a bit since I updated this story... a good five or six months. Anyways, BBHT chapter 3, Ranma side has been posted. Oh joy. Sorry if it seems off, folks, but the Gotham saga will be starting up soon.
New Fics: The Bat, The Bird, The Horse, and the Tomboy chapter three posted!

10-28-02: Yes, it's been pretty quiet around here, but never fear! Your favorite authors (no egos at all here...) will be back with more fanfics and fun! For now, You can enjoy the non-javafied version of FubarFics here.

10-16-02: Just to bait your interest in a sequel (as if there wasn't enough already), James has written a side story for Youma 1/2!
New Fics: The Way Things Should Have Been short story posted!

10-13-02: Emi-Chan is back with a new installment of her saga, Girl of My Dreams, and a brand new fic, A Face You Can't Forget.
New Fics: Girl of My Dreams chapter six posted!
                 A Face You Can't Forget prologue posted!

10-08-02: Good news: The real world decided to let James produce another work of fanfiction! More All Mixed Up coming soon from James and Dancing Imp.
New Fics: Dragonball R: No Need for a Saga chapter nine posted!

10-3-02: Wow! A fast update! And guess what, folks! Chaos Crescendo (Season 1) is complete! Yay! It even has an omake! For the fans who have actually liked this series, there's good news: After a one-shot sidestory, Season Two will be coming! Chaos Accelerando!
New Fics: Chaos Crescendo Final Chapter 11 posted.

09-28-02: One step closer to the edge. After dealing with a bout of laziness, game addiction, and general blah, Dancing Imp is finally ready to release the next installment of Chaos Crescendo! Yay.
New Fics: Chaos Crescendo Chapter 10 posted.

09-21-02: Due to an outbreak of laziness, FUBAR Fics has not been updated for almost two weeks. James personally blames Robert Jordan and his highly addictive Wheel of Time series for his lack of writing. Dancing Imp blames his typist.
New Fics: When in Rome spamfic posted.

09-09-02: After a long wait, a new chapter in the Gundam Wing/Robotech crossover is added!
New Fics:
Soldiers of the Future Chapter 12 posted.

08-23-02: Holy cow! A big day for fics both early and belated!
New Fics:
All Mixed Up AG Chapter 12 posted.
                 Spinal Injection Chapter 6 posted.

08-19-02: New site for our anime fanfiction is up! Now you have one spot to get your fix of fics by James Thomas, Dancing Imp, and Emi-Chan! Read them all and tell your friends where they can find great fanfiction!
New Fics: Dragonball R: No Need for a Saga chapter eight posted!