Ideas for the Future

Title Author Crossovers Synopsis
Ranma Leap James Thomas


Inspired by Mirrors Multiplied by Jared Ornstead. Ranma/Quantum Leap crossover mainly, Ranma/Anything Under The Sun crossover in reality. Akane bounds Ranma with the mallet (yet again), but this time he breaks through the barrier between time and space. Ranma finds himself tripping around everything from popular anime to old eighties cartoons (mostly old eighties cartoons). Some examples:

Turbo Teen: Ranma leaps into a place where cold water turns him into a girl (nothing unusual there), but hot water turns him into a CAR!
M.A.S.K.: "How do you see through these things?"
Transformers (Gen 1): "Uhhh…Where's all the chicks?"
Thundercats: "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"
Orbots: "Who ever heard of a fat robot?"
Spaceghost: "What's your problem?!?!?!"
Transformer (post-movie): "You have son, but uhhh...where's the mother?"

Is Ranma there to put right that once went wrong? Nope. He's just has to survive to the next leap. This will probably be a fun ongoing series with no real end (Hey, Quantum Leap didn't have a real end...just a final episode.) If you remember all these series...CONGRATULATIONS! You're as old as me! :-)

Women are from Mars and Men are from Nerima James Thomas Sailor Moon Ranma is permanently stuck in girl mode because of a vengeful Herb. He's run away from Nerima, unable to face them anymore. He happens on a shrine and goes into pray, but winds up meeting a certain Senshi of Fire...
The Mercury Princesses James Thomas Sailor Moon An idea given to me from one of my readers, Brad Scott. A continuation of Youma 1/2 about Ranko and Akane growing up as the children of a Sailor Senshi and the world's greatest martial artist.
Forbidden Empires: Demonic Revival Dancing Imp Various Akane and Ranma have finally gotten through the fiance issue, so everything should return to normal, right? Sheeya, right. Something is always around the corner, and Ranma and Akane are naturally at the center of it. And now Ryoga seems to have inherited the dreaded fiance curse! Can the eternally lost boy survive the attentions of the ditzy Mihoshi, the loving Akari, and all of the other girls who begin showing up to date him?
Forbidden Empires: Dead Legacy Dancing Imp Various The war is over, but what do you do when the dead aren't happy with the results? The Chosen must come together and stop this mistake from the past or the world will become a lifeless ball. A rather multi-Multi Crossover.
The Mind's Eye of Akane Tendo Dancing Imp 3x3 Eyes A stranger shows up in Nerima. What is his intent and why is he so interested in Akane?
Resident Chaos Dancing Imp Resident Evil An accident occurs in one of Umbrella's secret labs. But was it an accident? Ranma and Akane don't care, actually. They just want to rescue Nabiki from the Hive.