Dancing Imp

The one behind, but more to the side of, the Fubars...

Name:  Dancing Imp
Age:  26
Eyes:  Tendancy to shift from blue to green to gray
Hair:  Can't make up its mind either
Place of Birth:  San Antonio, Texas
Current Residence:  Stillwater, Oklahoma
Current Occupation: Senior TS Agent, Test Lab, at Creative Labs
Favorite Sayings:  "Sorry, I zoned. What was that again?." " Hinglegarbleburfenagle."


Writing Since:  2001
First Story:  Forbidden Empires: T'kara Ri
Favorite Anime:  Bubblegum Crisis, Anything by Rumiko Takahashi, Anything by Masamune Shirow
Favorite Anime Characters:  Ukyou, Sailor Jupiter. Deunan, Duo Maxwell, Priss Asagiri
Work most proud of:  Chaos Crescendo
Work least proud of:  Forbidden Empires: T'kara Ri