The Bat, The Bird, The Horse, and the Tomboy

By: Dancing Imp

Disclaimer: Disclaimer. Datclaimer. Awholelottaclaimers.

Synopsis: (Idea provided by Daisuke Sauchelli) Deus Ex Machina solves Ranma's fiance issues in a rather permanent manner. Now he travels alone, seeking a cure to his new problem. Along the ways, he'll make new enemies and allies, but will he ever find happiness in love again?

Notes: This will eventually take us through the Batman and Superman animated adventures. The only influence that will come from the comic is the death of Jason Todd.

Addendum: Okay, I lied... King Snake, the Ghost Dragons, and eventually Lady Shiva will also be an influence.

Addendum 2: Bleh, okay fine... more than just that... but if I don't mention them, then they ain't there, got it? 8)


Ranma's Chapter 1

Akane's Chapter 1

Ranma's Chapter 2

Akane's Chapter 2

Ranma's Chapter 3