Chapter One:  The Visitor Cometh


            In the not so distant future, the sky above Macross Island erupted in a burst of light.  In the orbit around the third planet of the Sol system, a rift appeared in the fabric of space and time.  Through this rift a ship materialized.  It crashed into the atmosphere traveling at dangerous velocities.  It caused several shockwaves that leveled several buildings.  It flew until it impacted with Macross Island.  The impact lit up the sky and caused the volcanic island to erupt with a violence that reflected the primal forces of creation.


            The Earth at the time was saturated with civil wars.  Nations had arisen against nation and the war had been going on for several years.  Humanity was slowly killing itself off.  When the visitor crashed into Macross Island, the world stopped.  None of the nations of Earth could lay claim to it, but all were curious about it.  They quickly came to a peace agreement for the mutual defiance of the planet, thus the United Earth Government was born.


            Within six months, an exploration team was formed and sent to explore the wreckage.  Amazingly enough, the entire ship was left exposed and the Island was actually enlarged by the volcanic activity.  The island had been transformed into a crescent with the ship inland from the middle of the bay, extremely convenient.


            The team included several scientists and soldiers of different militaries.  Two of the scientists of note were Dr. Emil Lang and a man simply known as Dr. J.  During the course of the exploration of the ship, Lang found an interesting terminal.  It powered up in his presence and played back a foreign message in a dialect unheard of by any human.  Then the terminal exploded with a burst of light.  Dr. Lang had been transformed in that blast.  Physically the only difference was that his eyes had turned completely black, but he could still see as good as if not better than before.  Mentally, however, he had received a knowledge boost.  Suddenly he could comprehend all the technology the Visitor housed.  After that he became the father of Robotechnology.


            Dr. J had been one of the driving forces of the global civil war.  It was his inventions, each one more deadly than the next that kept the war going so long.  He was simply with the group out of curiosity of new weapon systems.


            Two soldiers of note on this journey were Commander Treize Khushrenada and Lieutenant Roy Fokker.  They were both very young soldiers, but they were already battle hardened from the global civil wars.  Commander Treize had risen as the leader of the Romafeller faction of the global conflict.  Although he could have risen higher in rank, he chose to stay low enough to still pilot his aircraft and fight against the other forces.  His subordinates had become the Oz squadron of the UEG.  He had considerable power, but still fought alongside his men.


            Lt Roy Fokker was a young pilot from the North American regime.  He had the best kill record of any pilot there.  He was also a test pilot.  He was there to see if there was any potential for new aircraft.


            The team immediately noticed that everything in this ship was not sized for a normal human being.  Everything was huge.  They all felt like they just drank from a bottle labeled “Drink Me”.  The exploration group divided in half.  Fokker and Land led their group to the fore, while Treize and DR. J led his group to the aft.  The only difference in the groups was that Treize’s group was completely loyal to him.  He had made sure that even though they appeared to be from different factions, they were all his men, trustworthy and reliable.


            The aft group came into what looked like a storage area.  They fanned out and checked around.  They noticed a large pile of what looked like gigantic ingots lying around in piles.  They went through and discovered several were of easily recognizable materials like iron, steel, and aluminum.  But not all were known.  One particular stack caught Dr. J’s attention.


            “Commander Treize!  Come look at this.”


            Treize walked over the scientist.  They were standing in front of one of the shorter stacks.  There was one ingot of the pile that had fallen to the side from the crash.  Oddly enough all the other piles were in perfect order.  “What is it, Dr. J?”


            “I can’t identify this material.”


            “No one is perfect Dr. J.”


            “No, but I am a metallurgist.  I know every metal, alloy, and mixture on this planet.  This is an entirely new material.  Plus, try to lift it.”


            “You can’t be serious, Dr. J.  An ingot of this size should weigh tons.   It would take a crane to move them.”


            “Just humor me, Commander.”


            Treize shook his head and sank down, bending his knees.  He didn’t want to hurt his back.  He lifted it, and ingot moved.  If Treize used is whole strength, he could lift it up.  “I don’t believe it.  It’s unbelievable.”


            “If this material is durable, we may have found the new material for our aircraft.”


            “Indeed, Dr. J.”


            A loud sound of metal sliding against metal came from behind them.  They turned to see a panel opening.  A giant bulbous bipedal creature walked out.  “Open fire!” Treize ordered.  They all opened fire with their machine guns.  One of the officers hit it with an M-203 grenade launcher. The pods affixed to either side of the creature’s head flared to life. 


“Go to cover!”  Treize yelled as he and Dr. J. dived behind the ingot they were looking at.  Dr. J. was slower than Treize and was clipped by one of the laser discs that the beast was firing.  Dr. J. landed and shouted in pain.  “Medic!”


All of the sudden the beast tumbled over forward, lifeless.  The medic hurried over to help Dr. J. as Treize walked over to investigate the creature.  It’s back had been blown open wide, but nothing they had fired could have done that much damage.


Treize turned to one of the remaining scientists.  “What happened here?”


“It apparently was damaged before we got here.  It managed to hold out long enough to wait for another victim.”


“Do you think this is one of the owners of this ship?”


“No.   The proportion is wrong.  It’s only half as tall as the door frames.”


“So this could possibly be the enemy of what owned this ship?”


“That would be one of my assumptions.”


Treize crossed his arms.  “This situation just gets worse and worse.  Now we have two new alien races.”


“Aye, Sir.”


Treize stepped over to his next in command.  “Make sure Dr. J. is stabilized and properly taken care of, then check on the other men.  I want full reports of what occurred here, except nothing about the new material we found.  That disappears now, understand?”


“Aye, Aye, Sir.  The material never existed.”






Dr. J. lost his left arm and leg in the incident.  The ingot they had dived behind had withstood the energy disc without a scratch.  That bore further investigation.  The material was never turned into the UEG, and was transported to the aircraft carrier controlled by the Romafeller faction, the Prometheus.  Several months later Treize and Dr. J. met in the enlarged cargo hold of the aircraft carrier.  Dr. J. arrived with artificial leg and arm.  Both were metal and the arm terminated into a three-pronged claw.  Dr. J. was also wearing glasses that appeared to be part of his face.


“I see you recovered well, Doctor.” Treize commented.  “What’s with the goggles?”


“The lenses of my eyes were damaged in that blast.  These allow me to see as well as, if not better, than I did before.  I also replaced my limbs with fully functional prosthetics.”


“Impressive Doctor.  Now why have you called me here.”


“I’ve done some preliminary investigation into this new alloy, and as light as it is, it is impressively strong.  It took the energy disc without flinching.  Since then I have tried every firearm we have on this ship on it, including the antiaircraft missile systems.  I have yet to damage it beyond a few scratches.”


“Very good.  Now what do you intend to do about it.”


“I would like to bring in a team of five other engineers to investigate this new material further.  Here is the list of engineers.”  Dr. J. reached into one of the pockets in his coat, pulled out a crumpled up piece of paper, and handed it to Treize.


Treize studied the list closely.  “I already know these people.  They are already on the Romafeller payroll.  I’ve worked with them several times already.”


“Exactly.  They are the best and brightest of the world and completely loyal to the cause.  We shall find the best way to use this material as well as the technology that Dr. Lang is producing to create great weapons.”


“Why are you jumping to the new so quickly?  Shouldn’t we move slower and prove the technology before we use it?”


“The technology that Lang is developing is changing the world, even though it’s only been a few months since the first expedition.  They’re already drafting the first ideas for the new generation of fighter aircraft based on the new.  Lang is calling it ‘Robotech’.  He says it’s the only thing that will save us from the owners of the Visitor.”


Treize walked over to one of the ingots and ran his hand along it.  “Indeed.  I think we shall call this new alloy Gundanium.”




“The Visitor’s parents will indeed be coming for it.  We shall have to have soldiers as tall as they.  Also, I figure robot-metal goes well with Robotechnology.  You have the go ahead for your investigation.  From here on in it will be called the Gundanium Project.”


“I’ll call the others immediately.”


“Make sure to secure a facility on the island.  Also, secure a hold inside of the Visitor when the renovation begins.”






            As time passed the island became beehive of activity. Engineers and workers established a settlement around the Visitor.  Houses were built and then restaurants began move in.  Eventually, a small town grew up around the alien ship.  With more people, came more troops. 


Five years after his first trip inside the Visitor, Treize went to the airfield to meet an old friend.  As he waited, a new soldier came up to him.  A woman with a hard manner about her walked up to him.  She had long brown hair that was braided up into two buns on the rear of either side of her head.  She wore thin-rimmed glasses that made her brown eyes seem slightly larger.


She stopped in front of him and saluted.  “Commander Treize?”  Her voice was harsh and more like a man.


He returned the salute.  “Yes.”


“I am Lieutenant Une.  I am here to request a transfer.”


“Lieutenant Une, there are procedures for this.  You send in your request to a superior officer and then they bring it to me.”


“I know, sir.  I have sent many requests, but you never approved.  I’m here to speak to you personally.”


“Ms. Une, There are reasons why I do not take in new troops.  I go through a thorough screening process of new candidates, you obviously didn’t pass.”


“Why, sir?”


“Excuse me?  Why should I tell you?”


“I will improve myself.”


Treize shook his head. “You are definitely strong willed.”


“I also know something.”




“All of your troops are from the former Romafeller faction.  You won’t accept me because I am from the North American faction.”


“They may be a possibility, but my troops are also all loyal to me.”


“I will be loyal to you, sir.  Just give me a chance!”  She reached into her satchel and pulled out a stack of papers.  “Sir, here’s my flight record.  Give me a trial period.  If I don’t work out, I’ll leave on my own.”


Treize flipped through and saw a very impressive pilot.  There were also some commendations on her tactical ability.  He started to contemplate her addition, and then some alarms were going off in the back of Treize’s head.  This could be a spy, someone to undermine his goals.  He could let her in, but he’d have to watch her.


“Commander Treize!  How are you, old friend?”


Treize smiled.  He knew who it was before he turned his head.  Only one person would approach him with such informality.  “Lieutenant Commander Zechs Merquise.  Good to see you, old friend.”


Zechs Merquise was a tall man with long platinum hair.  He wore a helmet that had a mask on the front that covered his eyes and the top of his nose.  He was an old comrade of Treize in the Romafeller faction from the days of the Global Civil War.  “I’m only a lieutenant, sir.”


“Not anymore.  You’re going to be transferred from Fokker’s squadron to mine, and promoted.”


“Thank you, sir.”


“No, thank you.  My old friend, the lightning count, will be great addition to the squadron.”


“Who is your new friend here, sir?”


“You can drop the sir, and this is Lieutenant Une.  She is trying to get a transfer into my unit.  Here’s her record.”  Treize handed Zechs the stack of papers.


“Excuse me a minute, Lieutenant Une.  I’d like to speak to Treize a moment alone.”


“Understood.”  She stepped out several paces and watched out the terminal window.


Zechs dropped his voice.  “Treize, this looks like a fake record.  No one can have this many commendations and be so young.  She’s obviously a plant.”


Treize nodded.  “That’s the conclusion I came to as well, but she also brought up that my unit is all Romafeller faction.  If that fact becomes common knowledge, then they will force troops on me.  That would definitely compromise our goals.”


“We could keep her under watch.”


“Who would you suggest?”


“Lucrezia Noin.”


“Of course, your old girlfriend from the academy.”


“She was never my girlfriend.”


“Because you never gave her the chance.”  Treize slapped Zechs on the back.  “Zechs, my old friend, vengeance will not last forever.  You must think of your life after vengeance.  Plan ahead.  She is a brilliant soldier and a beautiful young girl.”


“I still have my commitment to the cause.”


“The cause would be a lot easier to fight for with someone at your side.”


“You have no one.”


“I haven’t met anyone yet.”


“Lame excuse from you, old friend.”


“I think I will let Lady Une into the unit.”


“Already thinking about her?”


“If her record is for real, she could definitely be a great addition to the team.  Nothing personal.”


“Sure, whatever.  And if she’s a spy?”


“We kill her.”


“Fair enough.”


“Lieutenant!  Please come over here.”  Une walked back over to them.  “I’ve decided to allow you into the squadron.  Your wingman will be Lucrezia Noin.  Her old wingman will become Zech’s.”


“Permission to speak freely, sir.”




She grabbed his hand and shook it vigorously.  “Thank you, sir!  I won’t let you down!”  She stood back up and saluted smartly.  “I’ll file the proper papers, and have them on your desk immediately, sir.”


Treize returned the salute.  “Thank you, Ms. Une.  You may go ahead and put your stuff aboard the Prometheus.”


“Thank you, sir!”


A smile crossed Zechs face.  “Very enthusiastic, not really the behavior that the papers she showed us reflects.”


“Very observant.  I noticed that as well.  The fit rep reflects an overly serious officer.”


“Maybe she has a soft side.”


“We’ll see.  In the meantime go ahead and move your equipment to the Prometheus and I’ll have a veritech prepped for you.”


Zechs saluted.  “Thank you, sir”


Treize returned the salute.  “Your welcome, old friend.”


The veritech fighter was the first spawn of the Robotechnology.  It was a variable fighter that could transform from a jet, to an eagle like hybrid of jet and humanoid, to a complete humanoid robot.  It was in limited production now, but plants were springing up all over the island to mass-produce the fighter.  Treize had secured several for his squadron aboard the Prometheus.  The Prometheus and the other UEG carrier, Daedalus, had been decided to be the launching platforms for the new fighters.  After the fighters were in mass production, a third squadron would be stationed on the Super Dimensional Fortress One (the new name for the Visitor) and a forth on the island itself.


After that Lady Une fought her way through the ranks of the Oz squadron.  She quickly proved that she was indeed a great pilot and tactical officer. Treize still had some reservation for her, but she was indeed a worthy soldier.  She even earned a position as his wingman.  Noin was only too glad to change wingmates.  She quickly went to Zechs and flew at his side.  It was obvious her crush on him was alive and well.


A month later, Commander Treize had a meeting with his engineering crew handling the ‘Gundanium Project’.  The crew consisted of Dr. J., Dr. S., Dr. Howard, Instructor H., Master O., and Professor G.  Dr. S. was a man with thick gray hair that stood on end, and he had an artificial nose.  Dr. Howard was another gray haired man that was balding on top.  His distinguishing trait was the sunglasses he always wore.  Instructor H. was an ordinary looking middle-aged man with a handlebar mustache.  Master O. was a tall, brown skinned man that shaved his head bald.  Finally, Professor G was gray haired man with a hairdo the spread out like a large bowl cut.  He also had a scar running down the left side of his face.


Master O gave the report on the findings of the mysterious alloy.  The composition couldn’t be replicated, and the material had an extremely high melting point.  “The material we have found does not shape with great ease.  It’s great strength also makes it hard to shape.  We cannot make it into a mass production material.”  Master O finished his report


            Treize folded his hands.  “Fine.  If you cannot build me a squadron, then build me a destroid, non-transformable, but flight capable.  Make it as strong as you can, as maneuverable as you can, and give it the best weapon you can make.  Then after all of you have had experience making the first.  You all shall each make one for yourselves.  Find someone to be the ideal pilot for each.  We may not be able to have a squadron, but we will have an elite strike force.  For humanity and soldiers of the future.”


            The engineers nodded their agreement.




            Treize walked out of the meeting to find Lady Une waiting for him.


            “What was the meeting about?”


            “About the future.”


            “Can you be more specific?  I’d like to know more.   I know you have a secret agenda, I just want to be in on it.”


            Treize turned his side toward her and stared up into the sky.  “Lady Une, I have had a theory my entire life:  That there could be no world peace unless there were aliens.  The human animal is highly confrontational.  It finds a reason to fight and fights.  It looks for something different and fights it.  Black/white, gay/straight, haves/have nots; these are all excuses to fight.  Differences spawn arguments.  Arguments spawn Skirmishes.  And skirmishes lead to war.  This has been and always will be humanity.


            “Man and woman want to fight from birth.  Women are coddled away from it most of the time, but they are still fighters.  They are all of them soldiers.  I work to ensure a future for these soldiers.


            “Back to my theory, there will be no global peace without alien intervention.  The main reason being is that it gives humanity a common enemy.  It gives them something different to fear, something to be prejudiced in.  So now this ‘Visitor’ has landed, and as my theory stated, the global civil wars stopped.  Now humanity is truly one.


“But therein lies another problem:  We are still human.  Large groups of humans have almost as many different opinions as there are humans.  Why I say that number does not match is because there are masses out there that are sheep, sheep who are led by shepherds with stronger ideas.  My agenda is to become one of the good shepherds, to lead humanity to a better future.


“I also have a second agenda.  I believe that the human animal was also bound to the stars.  We have a destiny to live among them.  This ‘Visitor’ is our chance.  This is our sign to go forth.”


“I know, Commander Treize.  I know all this, and that is why I want to be a part of it.”


Treize took a deep breath.  “Lady Une, these dreams of mine have to be carried out with people that are loyal to me and humanity.  Those men I spoke with:  I’ve known them all my life.  I know them better than I know myself.  They would never betray me.


“You, on the other hand, I’ve known but a month.  You transferred into my unit and have been trying to get close to me, to endear yourself to me.  You’ve been trying to get into my secret world ever since you came along, always curious and asking questions.  Even tonight you follow me.  These are all actions of a spy.  I’ve worked too long and relentlessly to have my plans be destroyed by you.  Now give me a reason why I should allow you to remain in my unit.”


Lady Une stepped foreword.  “Commander Treize Khushrenada, look at me and have your reason.”


Treize turned to her.  She had removed her glasses.


“You pride yourself on being able to tell when someone is lying to you by looking into their eyes.  Look into mine and see the truth.  The reason I have done all this is because…” Her voice became softer and more feminine.  “I love you, Treize.  I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you.  I saw you during the civil wars and knew you were a man of great honor.  I fought for the transfer, and I fought up your ranks and beat out the rest of the squadron so I could be your wingman.  That way I could always be at your side.  If you would like, I will swear fealty to you and you alone.  I just want to be at your side in everything.”


Treize lifted his right fist to his mouth and put his other fist at his right elbow, assuming a thinking position.  He turned around.  His right fist dropped slightly to reveal that the position was to hide the smile that had crept onto his face.  This had not been one of the contingencies I had prepared for.  Indeed she speaks the truth.  “My people do not swear fealty to me, they swear it to humanity.”


“Anything, Treize.  Anything you ask I will do.  Your goals are mine.  I will do everything for soldiers of the future.”


Treize continued to keep his back turned.  “Lady Une, you realize that I do not return your love.”


She hung her head.  “I realize that, but I still want to be at your side.”


Treize turned around and closed the distance between them.  He lifted her head so that she could see the smile on his face.  “But I feel that I could return that love in time.  Maybe even a few moments.”  He bent down and gave her a brief kiss.  “Lady Une, you are indeed a strong soldier.  I was not prepared for an assault of this nature.  You have breeched my defenses.  I think I shall have to keep an eye on you.”


She looked a little forlorn at him.  “Sir?”


His smile broadened.  “I believe an all-night vigil is in order.  I shall have to watch you until we are back on duty in the morning.  Even as you sleep…with me.”


“Oh, Treize!”  She leapt and wrapped her arms about him.  He returned the embrace.  They shared a deep passionate kiss that had the promise for a long future.


Five more years passed.  The restoration and renovation of the SDF-1 was completed.   The veritech fighter was put into mass production and several squadrons were completed.  Two orbital platforms were built from the new technology.  They were designated Armor Zero-One, and Armor Ten.  They were to be fighter launch platforms, aircraft carriers in space.  They were also outfitted to join with the SDF-1 to increase the power of the main cannon. 


Colonies were also started in space.  The first was the Luna Base on the moon.  This was designed to be a first-alert base for Earth bound forces.  The second was the Mars Sara base.  This base was a test colony, to see if humanity could survive on a hostile planet.


The days passed and Macross City grew into thriving metropolis.  People from all around came and set up business on the island that brought the world together.  Then the day came for the launching of the SDF-1.