Forbidden Empires: T'kara Ri

By: Dancing Imp

Disclaimer: The usual stuff applies. (Characters not mine, no money, etc.)

Synopsis: Ranma and two of his fiances are hiding out in Juuban while going to college. Naturally, trouble follows. A certain perverted gnome comes up with a plan that involves demons and Ranma. As usual, Akane gets involved and now Ranma has to keep a demon alive while trying to get Akane back. Unfortunately, a certain group of sailor suited demon killers are hot on the trail. A Ranma Half/Sailor Moon/Tenchi Muyo crossover.

Chapter One: Oops

Chapter Two: The Inquest

Chapter Three: The Quest

Chapter Four: Sand Walls Do A Prison Make

Chapter Five: New Encounters

Chapter Six: Awakenings

Chapter Seven: Past Encounters

Chapter Eight: Island Voyages

Chapter Nine: Demonic Encounters

Chapter Ten: Demon Dance

Chapter Eleven: Power Plays

Chapter Twelve: Loss

Chapter Thirteen: Debts and Revenge

Chapter Fourteen: Game

Chapter Fifteen: Set

Chapter Sixteen: Match