“End of a Saga”


The following is taken from the journals of Queen Masaki Jurai Pan.


“Well, today’s the big day.  It’s been a long time coming, but now we’re finally going to tie the knot.  I know it’s almost been two years since we finished with Kagato, but there were a few things we had to get out of the way first.  


To begin with, it took a while for the Juraian royal council to allow Yosho to be wed to a Saiya-Jin hybrid.  Seems my race had quite the bad reputation in the days before Freezer was killed.  After that we had to get all the arrangements together with most of the wedding guests being on the other side of the known universe it wasn’t easy.


Of course there were other weddings we had to perform before ours.  Seems Ayoko couldn’t wait to have Tenchi as her husband and then Sasami/Tsunami wanted in on it too.  After all, you can’t say no to sharing your husband with your sister/cook/goddess.


Even before that Ranma and Akane had to be married too.  We had to assemble most of the people of China and Japan for that one.  It seems Ranma and Akane never told me their full story.  It was kind of weird being a maid of honor and staring out and seeing a horde of people with murderous intent toward a groom who just shrugged it off.  Of course the fact that most of the guests were chained to their seats didn’t help their opinion of him.  Also we had my family and friends working seurity.  Having the entire remaining Saiya-Jin race watching you like a hawk is pretty intimidating, especially when Vegeta is glaring at you in Super Saiya-Jin mode.


Once all the other weddings were taken care of, we had to get everybody settled into their new roles in life.  Tenchi and his wives and his extended family were moved to Jurai for his training as the heir after Yosho.  Of course his great-grandparents also wanted to keep a close eye on Washuu.


The Sailor Scouts got back to their jobs protecting Juuban from supernatural aggressors.  Don’t ask me why they keep attacking Juuban, we never figured it out.  They even got a few more Sailors to help them out, after a stereotypical ‘let’s fight first’ scenario.  I’ll tell you Mistress Nine was a surprised to face a reincarnated universal destroying machine and a Super Saiya-Jin two as well as the full compliment of Sailor Scouts and Ranma.  She even possessed the most powerful new Senshi, Sailor Saturn.  It was kinda funny when she went, “I have the power to destroy the world!”  Uub and I just shrug and go, “So?  Who can’t do that nowadays?”


The good part about that fight was that Ranma could move on to his new jobs after that.  The first was being the living archive for martial arts and the other was being a new father.  Ranma and Akane moved to Jurai with us so that he could learn moves from throughout the empire and he could always get me or my great-grandmas in law to watch his new baby Hatsumi.  He’s such a cute kid.  Of course we already know how handsome he’ll be when he’s grown.  He’ll be a good husband for my daughter, whenever she’s born…


Well, It’s time to go they’re playing my song…


Dan Dan kokoro hikareteku

sono mabushii egao ni

hatenai yami kara tobidasou Hold my hand

Kimi to deatta toki

kodomo no koro taisetsu ni

omotteita basho wo omoidashitanda

Boku to odottekurenai ka

Hikari to kage no Winding road

ima demo aitsu ni muchu nano?

Sukoshi dake furimukitaku naru youna toki mo aru kedo

ai to yuki to hotori wo motte tatakau yo

Dan Dan kokoro hitareteku

kono hoshi no kibou no kakera

kitto daremo ga eien wo te ni iretai

Zen Zen kinishinai furi shitemo

hora kimi ni koi shiteru

hatenai yami kara tobidasou Hold your hand

Okotta kao mo tsukarteru kimi mo suki dakedo

ana ni tobashiteikite daijobu kana to omou

boku wa... nanigenai shigusa ni furimawasareteru sea side blue

soredemo aitsu ni muchu nano?

motto kikitai koto ga atta no ni

futari no kaiwa ga kuruma no oto ni habamarete toori ni mau yo

Dan Dan kokoro hikareteku

jibun demo fushiginan dakedo

nani ka aru to sugu ni kimi ni denwa shitaku naru

Zen Zen kinonai furi shitemo

kekkyoku kimi no koto dake miteita

umi no anata e tobida sou yo Hold my hand…



Author’s notes:


Well that’s the end of my flagship saga for Fubarinc.  The original DBR started my hobby in fanfiction writing.  I wanted to start with a Ranma/DBZ crossover that was actually completed!  It was a pretty rare thing when I first started reading.  I was real tired of all the excess cliffhangers, I wanted something completed. So, you know, if you want a job done right…


So here we are, about seven years and seven hundred pages later, the entire saga of Pan, Ranma, and crew is done.  It isn’t to say that there won’t ever be more from this universe, but their story is complete.  Thanks for everyone for reading and enjoying the story.  Especially thanks to my prereaders who not only checked my work, but inspired it as well.


Thanks again to everyone!

-James Thomas