Chapter Twelve

“No Need for Detectives”


             Ranma continued to hold the battered and beaten form of Shampoo.  His aura was starting to flare as he thought of what had happened.  Whoever this Kagato guy was, he was going to pay!  He gently picked up Shampoo and laid her across his lap with one arm supporting her head.  He looked up at all the other people with concerned looks on their faces.  He looked directly at Pan.  “Where’s Kami’s Lookout?”  The young Saiya-Jin gave him some rough directions, enough for him to detect Dende for instant transmission.  He nodded his head and placed two fingers of his free hand to his forehead.  “I’m going to get Shampoo healed, and when I come back, you’re going to tell me everything you know about this Kagato guy.”  The looks on Katsuhito, Ryoko, and Tenchi’s faces hadn’t escaped him when Shampoo had first mentioned who was responsible for this.


             The martial artist’s form seemed to fade from sight as he used Goku’s teleportation technique to spirit himself away to Kami’s Lookout.


             Tenchi looked over toward Washu.  “This isn’t good.  I thought he was dead?”


             The scientist rubbed her chin thoughtfully.  “He said you had won for now.  I didn’t expect him to be back this soon.”


             Everyone’s eyes went wide.  Tenchi shakily raised his hand as if to ask a question.  Washu nodded and he proceeded.  “What do you mean, ‘so soon’?”


             The diminutive redhead looked up toward the sky.  “You can’t exactly kill what really doesn’t exist.”


             Katsuhito walked up and put a hand on her shoulder.  “What is going on, Washu-Chan?  Tenchi cut the monster in half, how could he not exist?”


             She stood silent for a little while, contemplating something.  “I’ll wait until Ranma comes back before I explain everything.  I don’t want to explain more than once.”  She flicked her eyes to Mihoshi.  “Don’t even try to understand, Mihoshi.  It will save us a lot of headaches.”


             “Okay!”  She replied with a vacant smile.


             Pan walked up beside Tenchi.  “Who is this Kagato guy?”


             The boy took a deep breath.  “He was a former assistant to Washu when she worked at the Galaxy Academy.  He was obsessed with finding the secret to the power of the Jurai line.  He imprisoned Washu and came here looking for the power.  He kidnapped Ryoko to draw the answer to the power out of us.  I thought that I had destroyed him along with his ship, but I guess that’s not the case.”


             “So what’s the secret to the power?  What’s he so desperate to get?”  She asked.


             “I don’t know.”


             The ground shook from Pan’s facefault.  She stood back up and looked him in the eye.  “You’re telling me, Sasami and Akane are in danger about a secret no one knows?”


             He sighed.  “It’s something to do with the Jurai blood line.  We can’t give it to him, because it’s a part of us that we really don’t understand.  I can only access it in times of extreme stress.”


             “So what power are you talking about?”


             It was Tenchi’s turn to facefault.  He slowly stood back up.  “You remember the shields I used when we were fighting Garlic Jr.?”  Pan nodded her head.  “Those are the Wings of the Light Hawk.  They are an extension of the power of the Jurai royal family.  We don’t know what the secret is to it, we just know that it is part of the royal line.”


             She nodded in understanding.  “Okay, so now we have to go beat up some bad guy.  No problem.”


             Tenchi tensed up.  “It’s not that simple.  I almost died the last time.”


             Pan looked at him with mouth agape, but the backwash of jet engines drowned her next comment out.  Everyone looked up to see a ship about the size of a small cruiser hovering above them.  Small blisters on the side of the ship opened up to reveal several laser cannons.




             Everyone on the ground just stared back up with a confused look on their faces.


             “SO, ARE YOU GOING TO SURRENDER OR NOT?”  The voice asked once again.


             “Does this answer your question?”  Ryoko smirked as she arrogantly strode forward and drew her energy blade.


             “Oh great!”  Tenchi slapped his forehead.


             Ayeka shook her head.  “Ryoko!  We should try to reason with this woman!  Are you forgetting we have a member of the Galaxy Police here with us?”  She pointed over toward Mihoshi, who at the moment was busy picking flowers to the side, oblivious to the proceedings.  Ayeka sweatdropped.


             “GOOD.”  The voice responded to Ryoko.  A bay door on the bottom of the craft lowered downward to reveal a humanoid robot looking contraption.  It had bulbous limps and an elongated head.  It was roughly six feet tall and five foot wide.  “I wanted to try out this new battlesuit anyway.”


             Before Ryoko could react, the suit shot forward with surprising speed and landed a haymaker across her face, sending the pirate flying through several trees.


             The cyan haired alien stood back and rubbed the spot where she had been hit with the back of her hand.  “I don’t think I deserved that.”


             The suit powered up for another blow, but found itself staying in one place while the turbines on its back burned.  The distended head of the armor turned around towards the engines and met the eyes of a Saiya-Jin.


             Pan smirked at the operator.  “Let’s see how fast you are without these.”  She flattened her free hand and chopped through the middle of both of the rocket engines.  The pent up force in the nacelles exploded and blew the two away from each other.


             The battlesuit righted itself and opened its hand to face Pan.  The center of the palm contained a cylinder that started belching plasma energy in the girl’s direction.  Pan crossed her arms and formed a shield with her ki, deflecting the bolts aside.  With a loud yell, she shot straight up and seemed to disappear with a burst of speed, reappearing as if out of nowhere when she landed a double-handed blow to the dome of the battlesuit, driving it face first into the ground.  She still had the cocky grin on her face when she reached down to pull the hunk of metal from the Earth.


             When Pan reached down for the suit, her eyes lit up in surprise when one of the hands grabbed hers and threw her aside.  She easily righted herself and adjusted her bandanna.  “So it’s a little tougher than I thought.”  She dropped into an offensive stance.  “Guess I can put a little more power into it.”  She shot forward once again.  Before the operator of the suit could react, she rained down punch-kick combinations that left it reeling as it tried to get its balance back.


             Pan smiled when she saw that there were several electrical arcs coming to the surface of the suit.  She beat the machine until it stopped moving.  She raised her hand and prepared to launch a ki blast at point-blank.


             “STOP!”  Katsuhito shouted from the side.  Pan turned to him with a questioning glance.


             Using the distraction of the shout, the pilot ejected from the suit.  The back of the machine blew off and a slender figure of a woman was thrown forcefully into the air.  She turned a flip in midair and landed on one hand and two feet a few yards away.  Her other hand held a pistol at the Saiya-Jin.  She was a slender girl, just a little taller than Pan, with long green hair with a red headband on.  Her clothes were regulation GP issue uniform with its dark blue and white.  The gun was wavering, as she stood upright.  “I don’t know what you are, but stay back!”  Her dulcet voice wavered a little in fear.


             “She’s a friend of mine and you’re pointing a gun at her.”


             The police officer turned to see a handsome man standing directly beside her wearing a red Chinese shirt and loose black pants.  A few steps behind him stood a stunning woman with long lavender hair with two large clubs drawn.  The man reached up and took the gun from her hands as her stunned gaze locked on him.


             He took the gun and threw it away into the nearby lake.  “I don’t think you’ll need that anymore.  Now would you like to tell me who you are and what you’re doing here?”


             The policewoman worked her jaw a bit before she could finally speak.  “I-I’m Detective First Class Kiyone…N-nice to meet you.”


             Ranma immediately recognized that lovesick look in the woman’s eyes.  He should know that look after…how many woman had it been now?  He shook his head and rolled his eyes.  “What are you doing here, and why are you fighting Pan?”


             She looked back over to where the dusty, but otherwise unharmed Saiya-Jin was standing cross-legged with her arms crossed.  “That’s your friend!  There must have been some kind of mistake!  I was just here to bring in Ryoko and Ayeka for questioning on a case for the Galaxy Police!”  She turned her best apologetic face on him.  “I’m sorry this all got out of hand!  I just located them off of some rumors of them operating in the area.”


             Katsuhito strode up at that moment.  “What do you mean, ‘rumors’?  The sector officer made a full report.  You should have known exactly where they were.”


             Kiyone gave him a blank stare.  “Sector officer?  I checked with GP before coming out, and they didn’t report anyone in the area.  Who is…?”


             Her question was cut short by a high-pitched shout of joy.  “Kiyone!”


             The green-haired policewoman’s gaze turned to one of horror when she saw the blonde bullet flying in her direction.  “No!  You’re supposed to be dead!”


             Mihoshi leapt up and tackled the other woman to the ground, hugging her tight.  “I’ve missed you!  They told me you were dead!”


             Kiyone grimaced.  I told them to tell you that so you wouldn’t come looking for me, but she was never heard of after she went after Kagato!  I thought she was gone for good!  “Why are you here and why haven’t you brought these two in for questioning?”  She demanded.


             The blonde looked hurt at the outburst.  She bit into her fingernail cutely stuttered out an answer.  “I-I didn’t k-know they were wanted!  Honest!  Please don’t hate me!”  She pleaded the last.


             Kiyone managed the push the blonde off of her and stand back up.  “‘Didn’t know’?!  It’s been on the scanner for the last month!”


             Everyone started coughing into their hands and looking away.  Kiyone quickly turned toward the blonde.  “What have you been doing for the past month?”


             Mihoshi smiled vacantly.  “Living with my boyfriend!”


             The ground shook with the force of Kiyone’s facefault.  She was back on her feet in a flash.  “You mean you were out screwing around with an inhabitant of a non-federated planet when you were supposed to be watching!”


             Mihoshi looked down at her feet as she turned the toe of her boot in the dirt.  “We weren’t screwing around.  We decided to wait until marriage.”


             Once more the ground shook, but this time everyone but the blonde detective dropped.  Ranma slowly got back to his feet and decided he had better things to talk about.  “Listen, I know you two have a lot to get caught up on, but I really need to know about this Kagato guy, if we’re going to find Akane!”


             Kiyone looked over at him in surprise.  “Kagato!  He’s one of the most dangerous criminals in the universe!  He disappeared in this sector almost a year ago!  Why do you want to know about him?”


             The pigtailed martial artist crossed his arms.  “He kidnapped my ex-fiancé, and I intend to get her back.”


             The green-haired detective breathed a sigh of relief.  Only an ex.  She smiled at him.  “Well, when I bring in the princess and the pirate, I’m sure we can get the proper clearances…”


             Ranma shook his head.  “I’d rather hear what they have to say first.”  He pointed over toward Tenchi and crew.


             Pan smirked from the side.  “It’s just some guy that Tenchi beat up.  I’m sure we can handle him.”


             Kiyone’s jaw dropped as she turned around to Katsuhito.  “You beat Kagato!” The old man pointed down to his grandson.  “YOU beat Kagato!”


             Tenchi nodded nervously.  “I almost died, but yeah, I did.”


             The green haired detective looked around the group.  “What the hell are you people?”


             “A space pirate, Jurian royalty, human, Amazon, and a Saiya-Jin.”  Katsuhito finished ticking off on his fingers as he looked around the group.  “Did I miss anyone?”


             “You forgot cabbit.”  Ryoko smirked as she pointed to the furry animal on her shoulder.


             “Ah, yes, can’t forget the cabbit.”  He scratched the furry animal behind its ears.


             Kiyone was stunned.  “A Saiya-Jin!  But they were supposed to be extinct!”


             Pan crossed her arms and scowled at her.  “Do I look extinct to you?”  She shrugged.  “Of course, I’m only a quarter Saiya-Jin, but that’s beside the point.”


             Katsuhito cleared his voice.  “Let’s get back to the matters at hand.  First off, let’s bring Ranma and Kiyone up to speed on Kagato, and then this Galaxy Policewoman can explain about why Ayeka and Ryoko are wanted.”


             The old man went on to give them the full details with their last encounter with Kagato.  Ranma, Shampoo, and Kiyone learned all about the man who stole Ryoko, Tenchi’s near-fatal bid to get her back, the appearance of the ship Tsunami, the invasion of the mighty Soja, and finally the death of a tyrant at the hands of the teenager that could use one of the most powerful forces in the universe, The Wings of the Light Hawk.


             After relating the tale, Katsuhito turned to the newest Galaxy Policewoman to set foot on planet Earth.  “So why have you come to arrest Ayeka and Ryoko?”


             Kiyone’s face went to all business, which was a considerable effort since Mishoshi was still hugging her like a long-lost teddy bear.  “They’re not under arrest.  They are just wanted for questioning by the Jurian authorities for their current investigation.  Since the Galaxy Police is heavily funded by the Jurian homeworld, we took it upon ourselves to assist them in their search.”


             “So what is the investigation about?”  Ayeka asked.


             “They are investigating the kidnapping of the Jurian royal family.  The king and his wives have been taken.” Kiyone stated with an all-business expression.


             Katsuhito’s eyes went wide as Ayeka’s mouth opened to an O.  The older man finally found his voice.  “So you think that Ayeka and Ryoko have something to do with it?”


             The police women suddenly looked uneasy.  “No, they are just wanted for questioning.  Nobody’s accusing them of anything!”  She turned toward Ranma but saw nothing but a hard, unbelieving look.  “Honest!  King Yosho just wants to have his sister close and to question the only person in history to circumvent all of the defenses of the Jurai homeworld.”


             Pan looked toward Katsuhito.  “Why do you want to question them old man?”


             He looked back at her with a confused glance.  “This is the first I’ve heard of it.  I’m not even supposed to take the throne.  I wanted to abdicate that responsibility to Tenchi.”


             The Saiya-Jin gave him a knowing look.  “Ducking your own responsibilities and dumping them on your progeny.  Should I start calling you Genma now or later?”


             Kiyone watched the whole exchange with confusion.  “What are you two talking about?  He’s not the king of Jurai!”


             The elder Masaki smiled at her.  “That’s correct, I’m am just the First Prince Yosho.  Azusa is the king, now and when we put him back on the throne.”


             The policewoman gave him an unbelieving look.  “But you’re so old!  Yosho still looks young like all Juraians.”


             Katsuhito smirked at her.  “When seven hundred years you become, look as good you will not.”  Everyone groaned except for Kiyone who was too ignorant to get it, and Mihoshi, who was too vacant.


             Ranma’s aura was starting to seep through as he was starting to lose patience with the whole exchange.  “We’ve still got to find Akane and Sasami!  Just take our word that he’s the first prince and let’s get on our way!”


             Kiyone turned to him.  “Look, I can’t take the word of a bunch of people that haven’t even found the means to leave their own solar system.  I need substantial proof that he is what he says he is!”


             “Then how about you take the word of the most brilliant mind of the universe.”  Kiyone turned to see the diminutive redhead Washu standing before her with crossed arms and a cocky smirk on her face.  “At least my word and the DNA test results I can show you.  Plus there’s also the fact that the royals just left our planet a short time back after visiting their children.”


             The detective’s eyes went wide.  “Y-You’re Washu!  You’re supposed to be dead!”


             The redhead smiled at the green haired.  “Nope, just imprisoned by Kagato.  I suspect that the same thing has happened to the royal family along with the second princess, and Ranma’s ex-fiancé.”


             “Well, I still have to bring Ayeka and Ryoko in.”  The detective stood with her arms crossed and a stubborn expression on her face.  Ryoko gave her a ‘you-just-try-it’ smirk.


             “I think that the point is moot, since it’s just a ruse for Kagato to get the last member of his collection of known at large royals and his favorite servant under his thumb.”  A holographic panel emerged beside her and she tapped a sequence of keys.  An image of the infamous criminal Kagato popped up.  “He is quite capable of disguising himself, so taking the form of the First Prince should not be a problem.  The only problem is how he managed to overpower the royals and take the homeworld.”


             Ayeka placed a finger on her cheek in a thoughtful pose.  “Well, mommy and daddy were here just a short while ago.  Maybe he took the planet then.  They would only have their mundane defenses and wouldn’t be able to defend against something of Kagato’s power.”


             Washu smiled at the First Princess.  “Brilliant deduction, but what if he didn’t have to take it by force?  He has samples of power readings of the power of the Jurian royal line.  He could have just introduced himself as Yosho in their absence and seen to the ‘disappearance’ of this ‘parents’.”


             Kiyone stood there with mouth agape.  “What are you talking about?  That old man can’t be Yosho!”


             Katsuhito turned to his grandson.  “Tenchi, may I see the blade?”  The boy nodded and handed the light sword hilt to him.  The elder Masaki turned his gaze back to the policewoman and held it up.  “If you do not recognize this, this is the master key for the royal ship Funaho, Washu can substantiate its authenticity.  Only a member of the Jurian royal line can hold this, and only a member can cause it to do this.”  For the open end of the sword hilt sprouted a long blade of pure light.  “This is the power of Jurai, I am as I say, Yosho, the First Prince of Jurai, the only child of Azusa and Funaho, half-brother to the daughters of Azusa and Masaki, Ayeka and Sasami.”


             Kiyone looked at the hilt closely.  “If that’s the master key, then what are those two jewels on the end?  The royals aren’t know for jewel encrusted artifacts.”


             He gave her a knowing grin.  “These are two of the gems that  I took from Ryoko when I followed her to this planet seven hundred years ago, after she had attacked the Juraian homeworld.  She fled to this planet and we fought until I finally imprisoned her.  I stayed all this time to make sure that she wasn’t released until she was ready.”


             The space pirate gave him a ‘yeah-right’ expression.  “You only stayed because you didn’t want to be king, and I only got out because your grandson’s curiosity got out of hand.”


             Pan gave the old man a mocking smile.  “So much for you ‘responsible old man’ routine.”


             Katsuhito shrugged.  “Well, you can’t blame me for trying.”


             Washu, whom had noted that Ranma was about to blow his top with all this time consuming talk, cleared her throat.  “I think that we have some investigating work to do.  We have to find out where the royals and Akane are.  It’s good that we have two first class detectives here to help us.”  She turned her gaze toward Kiyone and Mihoshi.  “We’ll all go to my lab later and start.”


             “WHY AREN’T WE DOING IT NOW!!!”  Ranma shouted in exasperation.


             The redhead smiled at him.  “First thing, we’re going to eat.  I’m starved!”  The martial artist facefaulted.  “Ranma, since Akane and Sasami are out, could you help us?”  He groaned from the ground at her feet and slowly stood and walked toward the house, accepting that he wouldn’t get any help until he had fed them.  Everyone else followed him inside, including Mihoshi who forgot all about Kiyone at the mention of food.


             Kiyone smiled at the retreating martial artist.  “He can cook?”


             “Ranma cook well.”  The detective turned to the purple haired girl who had finally spoken.  “Ranma also off limits for policewoman.”


             Kiyone put a hand on her hip and looked down her nose at the Amazon.  “And why is that exactly?  I don’t see any rings on your fingers.  I understand that’s the Earth custom.”


             Shampoo held one of her maces forward and put it to the tip of the policewoman’s nose.  “Ranma was Shampoo’s airen and will be again!”


             “I thought we were going after his ex-fiance?”  Kiyone gave the Amazon challenging smile.


             “Pervert girl may have been fiancé, but Ranma is Shampoo’s husband!  We married by law until he died!”  Shampoo’s face darkened.  “No one take Ranma away from Shampoo again!”


             “Died?”  Kiyone gulped.  “He’s not undead is he?”


             Shampoo shook her head.  “Ranma brought back with Dragon Balls.  Ranma no monster.”  Her expression hardened as she glared at the detective once more.  “Ranma is Shampoo’s.  If you become obstacle, then I give you kiss of death!”


             “Bring it on, sister!”  Kiyone returned the hard fierce look with equal intensity.


             The two continued to send daggers at each other with their eyes until they were called in for supper.  By silent agreement, they would both help Ranma find Akane, but it would be open warfare after the job was done.