Chapter Seventeen

“Misadventures in Space Part 4”


            Pan and Katsuhito had both just left the Earth and watched the other two ships enter hyperspace in two different vectors from their own.  Pan tried to feel a longing for Tenchi as he left without her, but since meeting the man of her dreams, she couldn’t bring herself to think about what was just a minor crush.  She could see that she really didn’t love Tenchi like Ryoko and Ayeka did.  She just fought for him just for the sake of fighting.  She mistook her Saiya-Jin instinct for loving a good fight for true love.  She just saw the fight and the goal, she never saw the love, or lack thereof on Tenchi’s part.


            She sighed as she turned from the viewing globe on the Capsule Corp ship and looked at the old man as he typed in the coordinates for Trantor.  Just my luck.  I don’t even get to go with Ranma.  I get stuck here with a pervert that’s ten times the pervert Ranma ever thought about being.  Not that Ranma was really a pervert…


            She felt a lurch as the ship entered hyperspace.  Katsuhito looked up at her.  “Well, we’re off.  Pan, one thing before we go any further…”


            She shook her head and interrupted him.  “I don’t want to hear anything from you except anything to help me in my training.  That does NOT include egging me on.  I don’t want any more of your sympathy and no more talk about the marriage that isn’t going to happen.”


            “But...”  He started.


            “Are you about to speak about a new technique?”  he shook his head.  “Then don’t say it.”








            “SHHH!!!”  She cut him off abruptly.  “Now listen to me for a minute because this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to ask of someone outside the family.”  She took a deep breath before continuing.  “Will you train me?  I mean, seriously train me.  Help me with techniques and stuff as I try to get stronger using the ship’s gravity machine.”


            “All right.”  It’s the least I can do.  He thought.


            She nodded her head in acceptance.  “I’m also going to be staying in Super Saiya-Jin form for the whole time I’m training.  The goal is for me to reach Super Saiya-Jin two before we get to Jurai.”  She turned and walked to the stairs to the lower hold.  “Bulma packed some male and female Saiya-Jin armor for training.  You want a set?”  When he shook his head she turned and walked down the steps.


            Katsuhito was left momentarily alone with his thoughts.  He still felt bad about not telling her who he really was.  This had been the first time they had been alone and she would hear nothing of it.  He sighed.  Oh well.  I’ll tell her after this whole thing is over and everyone is safe.  I really don’t need to be thinking about a wife at a time like this.  I’ll just train Pan until she is at least an equal with mother.


            At that moment, Pan walked back up the stairs.  Katsuhito had to swallow hard when he saw what she was wearing.  The outfit started off with the typical skintight jumpsuit that hugged her like a second skin.  But instead of the typical “muscle shirt” armor, the torso armor was shaped like a bustier.  The jumpsuit had a diamond cut in it starting at the V of her bosom and pointed to match at the top, showing off the tops of her breasts.  The jumpsuit was also cut level at the Bottom of the bustier armor and restarted just above her hips, showing her flat stomach.  The gloves were much thinner than the typical Saiya-Jin armor.  They looked more like dress gloves that terminated at the elbow.  He looked down to see what the boots looked like, but all he saw was her bare feet.


            He cleared his throat before speaking.  “Wasn’t there any shoes included with that outfit?”


            She rolled her eyes.  “The boots were high-heeled of all things.  I’m NOT going to wear those.”  She looked down at herself.  “Somehow I don’t think this was authentic female Saiya-Jin armor.”


            He smirked at her.  “I think she took some liberties.  She was probably planning on going on a trip with her husband and doing some, uh, role-playing.”


            “EEWWW!  That’s the parents of two of my friends.  Yuck!”  She looked back up at him.  “Okay, pervert that was enough free comments.  Let’s get to training.  We’ll start at ten times gravity and see how your old bones keep up.”


            She closed her eyes and tensed.  Katsuhito felt the energy build up inside of her.  In a flash, she had transformed into her Super Saiya-Jin form.  She strode over to the computer unit in the middle of the room and pressed a button.  The whole room seemed to lurch as gravity increased tenfold.  The crown prince had to adjust his footing slightly to compensate.


            Pan turned back to him with those green eyes that she had now.  “Now let’s just start with sparring.  Now remember, you’re supposed to be helping me.”


            She walked away from the machine and squared off with him.  He shrugged into a loose stance with his arms to his side.  She ground her teeth at this, but charged in anyway.  A quick kick to the midsection was dodged easily by a small leap backwards.  A fast jab at the face was slipped with an easy turn of the head.  A cross to the stomach was evaded with a turn of the hips.  A kick to the groin was dodged with a cross step to the side.  Then a reckless haymaker was turned into a throw across the room.


            Pan slowly got back to her feet.   “Now, when I said you were going to train me, I meant SERIOUSLY!!!”


            He smiled at her frustration.  “I am.  You are not learning the lesson.”


            She continued to rain blows on him that he continued to evade.  Katsuhito finally tired of the game of dodge punch and punched her in the stomach.  She rubbed her stomach as she looked more ticked.  She scowled at him and put her hands on her hips.  “That makes one more thing we need to talk about.”  She strode up and poked a finger into his chest.  “When you hit me, I want you to HIT ME!”


            “I did hit you.”  He replied with a confused look.


            She stood arms akimbo and her scowl darkened.  “I want you to hit me HARD!  I can’t get stronger if I’m not hurt.”


            “Won’t you get stronger from your training exertion?”  He asked in a calm voice.


            “I gain strength equal to the amount I am hurt.” She walked forward and poked him in the chest.  “If you don’t fight me seriously, then I won’t be strong enough to fight whatever is waiting for us on Jurai.  Do you want to free your world or what?”


            He nodded.  “Okay, I will not hold back.  Shall we start again?”


            Pan nodded and set down in a ready stance.  Katsuhito squared off to match.  She charged in with a roundhouse he effortlessly blocked it with his forearm.  He answered her attack with punch to her stomach.


            “Oof!”  Pan’s eyes went wide.  She staggered back a few steps.


            Katsuhito straightened up.  “Was that hard enough?”


            She nodded her head.  Her eyes and hair changed back to normal as she lost consciousness.




            Some time later, Pan awoke to a smiling Katsuhito.  “So you’ve decided that you want to train some more?”


            She sneered at him.  “One of these days, I’m going to get you old man.”


            If it was possible, his smile got bigger.  “I do have a name, you know.”


            “Okay, Katsuhito.”  She rolled to her stomach and slowly got back to her feet.  She tensed once again.  It took more effort this time, but she once more became a super Saiya-Jin.  “Now are you really going to teach me anything or what?”


            “First, you might as well use my real name, Yosho.”  He smirked as he set back into a defensive stance.  “Now, have you learned your first lesson yet?”  She growled at him.  “I guess you haven’t.” 


She charged forward again, and he kicked her legs out from under her.  She rolled forward and leapt back to her feet.  She charged again, and once more she was relieved of her footing with a little extra punching thrown in.  Several times she was knocked out and Yosho awoke her.


            After some time, she didn’t have enough energy to transform anymore.  She looked at the old man with one eye swollen and one arm hung loosely.  She was panting hard as she tried to gather the energy to become a super Saiya-Jin.  With a dejected sigh, she relaxed her body.  Yosho looked back at her still looking fresh.  He had some sweat on his brow from fighting in the increased gravity, but none the worse for wear.


            He smiled at her as he watched her relax.  “Now that you’ve settled down, try attacking me once more.”


            She gave him a look that silently told him where she thought he could stick his suggestion, but she sighed and brought her remaining arm forward and raised it to ready a defense for her upper body.  She slowly and cautiously approached him, half staggering and half walking.  She slowly began to circle him.


            He smiled and nodded at her.  “Now you’ve learned the first lesson.  Don’t throw yourself recklessly into the fight.  Don’t assume that you can out speed or power your opponent.  Always assess your opponents before rushing into the fight.  Test their limits before you show them yours.  Now you are ready to begin learning Jurian martial combat.”


She nodded as she grasped his meaning.


He walked around her to where she put one of her bags.  He pulled out a pouch and held it out to her.  “I believe you’ll want one of these before we move on.”


Her eyes widened.  “How did you know I had senzu beans in my bag?”


“I recognized Karin’s smell in your athletic bag.”  He chuckled as he tossed the bag to her.  “It’s been a long time since I scaled that tower, but I would never forget the smell of that cat.”


            She caught the bag with her good hand, pulled one of the beans out of the bag with her wounded arm, and popped it into her mouth.  Instantly, her body healed and she was once more at 100 percent.  She tensed a little less than she did the first time for her transformation.  She smiled as she felt the renewed power flowing through her body.  She put the pouch aside and stood back in a ready stance.


            On the outside, Yosho was still calm and ready.  On the inside, he was surprised at the power jump she had taken.  The Saiya-Jin physiology was truly amazing.  He stood ready for her next attack.  He waited, but she just stood and waited for him to make the first move.  His smile this time gave her a sense that he respected that she did have the ability to learn.


            So they continued their sparring from there.  Yosho began to show Pan where she needed to work on her offense and defense.  He also began to subtly teach her the royal fighting arts of planet Jurai.


            They continued on until they decided to call it a day.  Pan could not continue the pace they were going at because she had to conserve her supply of senzu beans.  She knew that she needed to just have natural sleep, but one problem arose when they went below.


            “There’s only one bed?!”  Pan complained.  “I don’t believe this!”


            “Apparently Bulma did have this reconfigured for a second honeymoon.”  Yosho chuckled.


            “Grrr.”  Pan growled as tried to contain her ire.  “All right we’ll flip for it.”


            Before she could react, Yosho had grabbed the top of her outfit near the shoulders and threw her across the room.  “I win.”


            She growled again, and leapt at him, completely forgetting her lesson earlier.  After a while she finally gave up.  “Okay, old man, you can have the bed.”


            “We could always share it.”  He suggested with a wink.


            “Eww!”  She grabbed one of the pillows and a blanket and stormed back up the stairs to the main deck.


            Yosho smiled as she stormed out.  He prepared for bed as he chuckled to himself.


            Above, Pan tried to get comfortable sleeping in the pilot’s chair, but it didn’t recline for anything.  She finally decided to try sleeping on the deck, but she couldn’t sleep with the way the ship vibrated in flight.  After about an hour she picked up the pillow and blanket and stormed down the steps to the personal quarters. 


She walked to the bed and nudged Yosho to the side.  “Move over old man.  I can’t sleep up there.”


            He just groaned as he rolled over to make room for her on the bed.




            The next few days went much the same way.  Training, fighting, increasing the gravity, and arguing over who got the bed at the end of the day, and still just ending up sharing at the end of the night.  As the weeks went by, and her skill increased, she began to wear him out by the end of the day.  By the time they neared Trantor, they would both stagger down the steps and collapse on the bed, both asleep before they hit the mattress.




            The day they reached Trantor, Pan awoke with Yosho’s arm wrapped around her waist.  If she wasn’t so worn from the heavy training, she would have kicked him off the bed.  She reached down and grabbed the bag of senzu beans and popped one into her mouth.  When her body had healed, she powered up and transformed into her SSJ form, sending Yosho off the bed with the power up.


            He rubbed his head groggily as he slowly came to his senses.  “If this marriage is going to work we’ve got watch those morning mood swings.”


            She growled and tossed the senzu bag at him.  “We’ve only got a few left.  Take one before we land.  I don’t want to have to carry you all over the planet.”


            He chuckled as he cinched the bag closed.  “I’m fine.  We need to save as many of these as possible.”


            “Okay, now get out of here while I take a shower.”  She walked toward the bathroom.  She turned back to Yosho when she saw he hadn’t moved.  “Leave.”


            He chuckled and walked up to the deck above.




            A few hours later they landed at one of the Trantorian spaceports.  They disembarked and began searching for Funaho.  Yosho wore his temple robes while Pan wore another of the female Saiya-Jin Armors.  She felt that they needed as much intimidation as possible.


            Pan followed Yosho as he tracked his mother’s signature using a hand held device that Washu had built for him.  They wandered the city planet for hours.  While they were looking for Funaho, Yosho told Pan about what happened to him on his several trips to the planet before.  He told her about funny stories about his time there and of diplomatic antics that he had to suffer.


            “So you left so you wouldn’t have to deal with all these bureaucrats?”  She asked.


            He nodded.  “In my heart of hearts, I was warrior, not a diplomat.  I didn’t want to waste my life away dealing with matters of ruling an empire.  When Ryoko attacked Jurai, I thought nothing about leaving everything behind to make sure her threat was ended.  When I was stranded on Earth, I mourned that I wouldn’t see my family again.  It was only then that I realized that I would miss being a prince.  I would never miss the diplomacy, but I would miss my family.”


            “So what did you do?”


            “I went on with my life.”  He shrugged.  “I decided to learn what the masters of Earth had to teach about war.  I learned from many of the masters all over the world over the best and worse of times for humanity.”


            “And you only took one wife in all that time?”  Pan asked slowly.


            He hesitated a little before answering.  “I have had several lovers over the years, but I never took one for a wife because I couldn’t stand the thought of watching her grow old and die as I watched.  It wasn’t until recently that I found a woman that would not take no for an answer.  I tried to leave her, but she found me.  She kept on and finally I gave up and married her.  It was the happiest time of my life.  Again I wished that I could contact home so that her life could be extended like mother’s had been.  But ultimately, she died from complications from the birth of our daughter.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her.”


            “What about your daughter?  What happened to her?”  Pan asked.


            “Achika died when Tenchi was five.  It was a hard time for both of us.  It was almost half a day before I found where Tenchi had run off too.”  He looked out over the city.  “Even back then Ryoko had been looking after him.  I could feel her presence watching over him as he cried.  I decided to just watch him until he had cried himself out.  He was my last piece of my wife still on this Earth.”


            “How did your daughter die?”


            He shook his head in confusion.  “I don’t know.  It was like she had expended herself beyond her abilities and then had been infected by some degrading energy that was slowly eating her away.  After several years it caught up with her.  I never found out what happened to her.”


            She looked forward and said nothing for a while.  She finally spoke at last.  “I’m sorry.  I had no idea how bad you’ve had it.  You’ve probably lost more people in your life than I’ve ever known.”


            He put a hand on her shoulder.  “Thank you.”


            She turned back to him and smiled.  “Come on.  We’ve got to save your mom.”




            After some more time they found the source of the power emissions.  They were several levels below the surface of the main city.  They cautiously walked into an abandoned manufacturing plant.  The inside was dark and gloomy.  Old robotic manufacturing arms and catwalks lined what used to be a central assembly line.  Many of the left over machines had been gutted, leaving behind dead hulks with wires hanging out of various access panels.


            Neither of them spoke a word nor powered up as they made their way through the massive manufacturing graveyard.  They silently made their way toward where Washu’s device had told them Funaho was.


            All of the sudden, the signal disappeared.  Yosho tapped the device in an attempt to make it work again.  The small device went into a diagnostic mode but did not report any errors.


            “The Blood of Jurai has come to me at last.”  A deep dark voice came to them from everywhere at once.


            Pan instantly went into SSJ mode as Yosho pulled his bokken out.  They stood back-to-back, searching the room for the source of the voice.


            “Who are you?”  Yosho demanded.


            “Your blood is more pure than the last I tasted.  Yours will be extra sweet.”  The voice laughed and the sound resounded around the interior of the plant.


            Pan turned up her aura to try to illuminate the plant.  The extra light cast several shadows throughout their area.  “Come on out and fight!  We’re ready for you!”


            “You are not of Jurai.  You do not matter to me or my master.”


            “I DON’T MATTER!”  Her aura increased in level as her temper flared.


            Yosho reached behind and placed a hand on her shoulder.  “Remember your training.  Please be calm and wait for our enemy to make his move.  Don’t give away anything.”


            She nodded and dimmed her aura once more.  She didn’t like it, but she had come to respect the old man during their training.  He still infuriated her, but now she had some understanding of him and his ways.  She would never admit it, but she was actually starting to like the guy…not in THAT way though…


            One of shadows in the far corner from them began to churn like a whirlpool.  They both turned and set themselves at the ready.  A broken white mask appeared out of the darkness.  It was like a smiling drama mask with a third eye that someone had blown a hole through the upper right corner of.  Cracks radiated from the wound, giving him a scarred and ominous look.  The mouth only smiled as the voice came from the mask.  “At last I will have my revenge on the blood of Jurai.”


            “KAIN!”  Yosho exclaimed with a hint of fear.  “You were supposed to be imprisoned by my ancestor!”


            “Obviously he got out.”  Pan deadpanned.  “Let’s kick his but and get this over with.”


            The shadows around the mask billowed out as it rose to tower above the pair.  “I did indeed escape.  I made my way out of the prison and into space time.  I went to destroy the seed of Jurai.  I was destroyed by a girl-child’s power of Jurai.  I was only just recently reawaked by my new master.”


            Yosho’s grip on his bokken tensed up.  Pan could almost swear she heard the wood groan.  “You killed my daughter!”  He yelled.  “It was you that infected her with your anti-Jurai energy!”


            “Indeed.”  The shadows billowed around the mask once more.  “The same way I will kill you!” 


With his last word, a shadow fist shot out of the blackness.  Pan and Yosho nimbly jumped aside to avoid being hit by it.  Yosho wrapped his lighthawk wings around his bokken and leapt at the extended arm.  He made a shocking discovery as his attack missed its mark.


            “He’s draining my energy!”  He yelled at Pan.  “He must have been holding back until we were close and then drained mother’s energy.  Now he’s trying to get mine!”


            Pan smirked as she avoided another attack from the beast.  “He doesn’t affect me!”  With a yell, here aura tripled in power.  It lit up the entire warehouse and blew a few of the old hulks away from her.  It wasn’t SSJ2, but it was a new level of power than she had ever commanded before.


            She brought a hand forward shot a blast between Yosho and the beast.  Kain shrunk back from the blast, leaving the apparently old man behind to get back to his feet. 


He brought his bokken back up to the ready. “We need to coordinate our attacks.  Be careful, he may not be able to drain your energy, but he is still dangerous.”


            To emphasize his point, Kain reached out to strike Pan.  She barely dodged in time.  She managed to escape with only her chest armor being ripped up.


            “Ahh!”  She yelled.  “I can see that!”


            She powered up her aura to shield herself from the dark mass and began firing machine gun blasts of ki around the room, chasing Kain as he writhed around the blasts.  Kain swept around one of the industrial hulks and charged toward Yosho.  He immediately threw up his full light hawk shields.  This was the first time that Pan had ever seen him deploy all three of the coffin shaped blades of energy.


            Kain hit the shield like a water washing around a cape.  Sweat began to pour down Yosho’s face as he tried to keep the monster at bay.  Pan blasted away at the dark cloud, but her blasts did nothing but make him try another direction at Yosho.


            “Yosho!”  Pan cried as she tried to deter the villain.  “I can’t do anything against it!”


            “Try to push him back with your bla…”


            Before he could finish his statement, Kain’s mass grew exponentially and enveloped the Jurian prince.


            “Yosho!”  Pan charged forward, but Kain, carrying the old man, leapt out of the way.  The dark mass flew to the far end of the room and seemed to dissipate, leaving behind the Jurian prince.  In a blink of an eye Pan was at his side.  She put a hand on the panting man.  “Are you okay?”


            He shook his head and dropped to his knees.  He took another breath before falling face first on the floor.  As Pan watched, his body seemed blur as spiraling energy retreated from his body, leaving behind the true face of Yosho.  Her eyes grew wide as her jaw dropped.  Her own heart racing, she knelt and checked his pulse.  It was there, but it was faint.


            “The Son of Jurai will perish!”  The dark voice echoed from all around.  “There is nothing you can do.”


            Pan took one look at the fallen man that had haunted her dreams for weeks now.  She gritted her teeth and stepped out into the middle of the open floor space in the middle of the factory.  “You bastard!”  She swore.  She clenched her fists and yelled at the top of her lungs.  “YOU BASTARD!!!”  The air around her began to crackle as she gathered power to herself.  The building started to shake as lightening began to arc through the machines around her.  “AHHHHHHH!!!!”  A shockwave of raw power shot out from her.  When it struck the gutted robotic arms they all extended themselves upward to become like Tesla coils as the power arc between them and around the factory.  With a final yell she transformed.


            After the initial light show had cleared, she stood where she had been before with a look of determination and her clenched fists at her side.  Small bolts of lightning crackled around her aura.  She had turned into Super Saiya-Jin level two.  It looked much the same as SSJ1, but most of her hair was laid down in the back with spiked points upward at all the ends.  Her bangs seemed to grow longer and part into two main pointed tufts going out from either side of her forehead.


            “Show yourself Kain!”  She yelled.  “Or are you afraid to face me!”


            A black mass came from her right.  She just turned and smiled.  The black cloud hit her aura and broke like waves on the rocks.  Kain regathered himself and renewed his attack, only to be broken again.  She just smiled at him as she simply stood there and watched him futilely try to get past her aura.  She at last lifted a hand toward the oncoming attack.  The blast hit, but only dispersed him.  The exchange went back and forth until both combatants realized that their attacks were just canceling each other out.


            Kain gathered himself at the far end of the factory.  “You may have gained power, but you will tire.  After that I will kill you and the son of Jurai.”


            Pan was at a loss because she knew he was right.  She had the power to repell his attacks, but she didn’t have the right kind of power to destroy him.  Yosho had taught her that raw power and brute strength only got you so far.


            “Don’t count me out yet.”  A haggard voice came from behind her.  She turned and saw the young Yosho labor back to his feet.  “I’m not done with you.  I still owe you for killing my daughter!”


            Deep, dark laughter filled the area as Kain mocked the prince.  “You are weak and have no power left.  What will you do to me?”


            Yosho smiled and pulled a pouch from his robes.  The ties loosened when he brought it out.  With a flick of his hand a single senzu bean flew up which he caught in his mouth.  He bit down and was immediately restored.  “Never count me out.”  The factory was filled with a bright light as he summoned his light hawk wings once more.  The three coffin shaped shields came up in front of him and the slid back to envelop his body in his light hawk armor.  He opened his hand and a light hawk sword appeared.  “I haven’t used this since I got the Tenchi-ken, but I think it will do.”  He smiled his roguish grin and nodded to Pan who responded in kind.  He turned back to Kain.  “Let’s dance.”


            Pan and Yosho charged in simultaneously.  Pan would swing and force Kain back as Yosho cut him from the other direction.  She slowly began to herd Kain into Yosho’s blade.  They worked seamlessly together as they worked him to a wall.  When his vaporous body struck the wall, he cried, “ENOUGH!”  He used the last of his reserves to push the other combatants back.  They rolled with the fall and came to a knelt ready position.


            Kain’s mask had several more chinks in it as he tried to amass himself once more.  “There will be another time.”  He started to fade from sight.


            Just as he was fading, he was suddenly enclosed with wings of the light hawk.  Yosho stepped forward.  “I do not know what evil returned you to the living, but I will not let you live on.  Pan!  Time to finish him.”


            She walked to his side.  “I can’t.  I don’t have the right power.”


            He smiled and put a hand on her shoulder.  “Then use mine.”


            She felt the strange energy begin to course through her veins.  Her aura began to get lighter as the pure gold turned to white-gold.  She flexed her arms and then smiled at Yosho who returned the grin.  At last she crouched down with her hands cupped at her hips.


            “KA-ME.”  The power built in her hands as she pulled from her power reserves and filtered it through the Jurian power being lent to her.


            “HA-ME.”  The ball grew until it was about the size of her torso.


            “HAAAA!!!”  She shouted as she trust her hands forward, sending the Turtle Destruction Blast hurtling toward the captive Kain.


            The ball hit the light prison and impacted on the inmate.  His shaped twisted and writhed in agony as the young Saiya-Jin continued to pour on the power.  As the light hawk blades contained Kain, it also contained the blast.  Pan continued her attack until  there was no more black to be seen.


            The warehouse suddenly went dark again as Yosho dropped his shields and Pan reverted back to her normal form.  Yosho turned to the young Saiya-Jin as she crossed her arms and began to tap her foot at him.  He took a step back with his hands held up.  “I tried to tell you…”


            Without warning, she charged him.  She glomped onto him and planted a kiss on his lips.  When she finally let him up for air, she smiled at him.  “After the honeymoon, you are soooo sleeping on the couch.”


            He laughed and kissed her.  They held their embrace until they heard someone clearing their throat from the side.  They both turned to see a smiling Funaho.  “I see you two are getting along now.  Good.  Since you were so busy, I decided to let myself out of my restraints.”


            The happy couple laughed nervously.